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1995 - 2009
AMCH  Jewels I'm A Jim Dandy For Les-lee SOD

: 03.07.1995
: Black White Mkgs
: Hairless
Julie & Jon Wells (Jewels, United States)
Julie & Jon Wells (Jewels, United States)
Leslie A. Gould (Les-Lee's, United States)
  • award of merit - Nashville KC

  • ©unknown


Award of Merit winner
Multi Group Placing

Siblings (2)


Jewels And Justice For All
Jewels I'm A Jim Dandy For Les-lee SOD

Offspring (29) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Kulana's Solitaire Diamond

Ch. Mooncrest Ms. Stars N Stripes

dob: 21.05.2006  Dam: Tamarlane's Lady Penelope

Tamarlane's A Study In Black

dob: 03.04.2006  Dam: Tamarlane's Peaches N'Cream

Ch. Cayenne's Zydeco Cowboy
Ch. Cayenne's Split Decision
Tamarlane's In A Silk Dress

dob: 10.02.2006  Dam: Crestars Kazzeopaea Of Altair

Altair Diavoletto
Altair Tempesta Di Sabbia
Altair La Danse Du Diable

dob: 03.03.2005  Dam: Tamarlane-Krishna's Th'Duchess

Krishna-Tamarlane Picture Image

dob: 12.02.2005  Dam: Tamarlane's Peaches N'Cream

Ch. Cayenne's Don Julio

dob: 10.11.2004  Dam: Tamarlane's Mad Tea Party DOM

Ch. Jewels Repeat Performance At Puffin
Puffin Jewels Repeat at Lolishan

dob: 11.03.2004  Dam: Tamarlane's Mad Tea Party DOM

Ch. Puffin Raising a Ruckus At Jewels
Ch. Puffin Pandemonium At Jewels AOM
Jewels Causing A Commotion at Puffin

dob: 01.07.2003  Dam: Les-Lee's Bo-Mar Kiss Me Kate

Bo-Mar's Love Me Tender
Bo-Mar's Devil In Disguise
Bo-Mar's Echos Of Love

dob: 07.11.2002  Dam: Tamarlane-Krishna's Th'Duchess

Ch. Tamarlane's Sunlight'N'Shadows
Ch. Tamarlane's Chimneysweep

dob: 13.03.2001  Dam: Les-Lee's Mulan Of Mardon

Ch. Les-Lee's Piece of My Heart
Ch. Les-Lee's Honkytonk Attitude
Ch. Les-Lee's Wild As The Wind

dob: 25.09.2000  Dam: Woodlyn Wild Card O' Willow

Jewels She'll Be On Time

dob: 13.09.1998  Dam: Jewels Sparklin Gem Woodlyn

Rycroft's I'm So Adorable
Ch. Jewels Pia Izadorable DOM AOM

dob: 10.02.1997  Dam: Triin's Barely An Angel DOM

Ch. CH Jewels Candi Heart
Ch. Jewels Hearts Delite
Ch. Jewels Heartbreak Kid

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