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1992 - 2008

Reg. no
: FIN18791/95
: 04.10.1992
: Blue
: Hairless
Nikki Strawbridge (Jokima, England)
Merja Sorsa (Secret Line's, Finland)
  • ©Unknown

  • ©Unknown

  • ©Pearce

  • ©Marianne Salminen

  • ©Koiramme

  • ©Pekka Rantanen

Siblings (4)


Jokima Joyful
Jokima Jenious
Jokima Justify At Saltillo
Jokima Jentry

Offspring (60) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Jokima Japonica

Jokima Jet
Jokima Jimmy

dob:   Dam: Jokima Just The Ticket

Jokima Just Enigmatic
Jokima Just Exotic
Jokima Just An Echo
Jokima Just Essential

dob: 31.05.2000  Dam: Slavjanka Akulina

Royalgift Skywalker
Royalgift Sissy
Royalgift Skyhawk
Royalgift Skippy

dob: 14.02.2000  Dam: Crestwood Amazing Amazon

Crestwood Cartoon Hero
Crestwood Codename Amazon

dob: 15.12.1998  Dam: Black Jackie

Farukin Bit O'Honey
Farukin Bellman
Farukin Bonbons'n Cream
Farukin Bugsy Malone

dob: 11.02.1998  Dam: Secret Line's Golden Geisha

Ch. Secret Line's Your Eyes Only
Secret Line's Your Heart Beat
Secret Line's Yakety Yak
Secret Line's You're My Love

dob: 14.11.1997  Dam: Otoya From The Llanos Estacados

Ca Canny's Jollyjumper
Ca Canny's Pollyanna
Ca Canny's Aboriginal

dob: 07.11.1997  Dam: Black Jackie

Farukin Bella Donna
Farukin Peaches N'Cream

dob: 19.01.1997  Dam: Secret Line's Eternal Flame

Secret Line's Runaway Boy
Secret Line's Russian Roulet
Secret Line's Rock Me Baby
Ch. Secret Line's Rambling Rose
Secret Line's Road Runner
Secret Line's Rolling Stone

dob: 20.06.1996  Dam: Sunsing Bellissima

Symbolic Ahoy
Symbolic Angel
Symbolic Aix-La-Chapelle
Symbolic Adam's Apple
Symbolic Aladdin
Symbolic Aflame

dob: 25.03.1996  Dam: Secret Line's Endless Love


dob: 22.03.1996  Dam: St.Erme Buttercup

Ch. Secret Line's Never Give Up
Ch. Secret Line's New Tea For Me
Secret Line's Never Say Never

dob: 19.01.1996  Dam: Zucci Perfection Itself

Secret Line's My Fair Lady
Ch. Secret Line's My Little Pony

dob: 18.01.1996  Dam: Secret Line's Eternal Flame

Ch. Secret Line's Light My Fire
Ch. Secret Line's Like A Virgin
Ch. Secret Line's Little Chinaman
Ch. Secret Line's Licence To Love
Ch. Secret Line's Love For Sale

dob: 27.06.1995  Dam: Secret Line's Born To Be Wild

Secret Line's Hobby Horse
Ch. Secret Line's Hold Me Tiger
Secret Line's Hungry Heart

dob: 22.06.1995  Dam: St.Erme Delphinium

Bedlam Valentino
Bedlam Via Zapata
Bedlam Violet Zorro
Bedlam Vita Casanova
Bedlam Vili Wandal

dob: 17.12.1994  Dam: Zucci Limited Edition of Jokima

Jokima Jelly Baby
Jokima Joe

dob: 01.06.1994  Dam: Lenbar Amelia

Ralany Bit Of Honey

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