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Kojak Knight In Blue Satin

Reg. no
: L0062603
: 27.10.1985
: Blue
: Hairless
Brenda & Barrie Jones (Kojak, England)
Owner unknown.
  • ©kennel Eltarin

Siblings (7)


Kojak Kontessa
Kojak Knight In Blue Satin
Kojak Kashmere
Kojak Kafiya
Kojak King of the Blues


Kojak Kordonbleu
Kojak Kafekreme

Offspring (14) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Eltarin Playgirl

Eltarin Klassic Edition
Eltarin Klassic Edition

dob:   Dam: Patrician August Moon

Eltarin Kinda Cute

dob: 11.04.1990  Dam: Eltarin Pretty N Pink

Ch. Firecrest Knightmare
Firecrest Drest Fsucess

dob: 17.12.1987  Dam: Eltarin Peaches N Creme

Ch. Ttoga Knight O Blues

dob: 15.09.1987  Dam: Talukdar Masquerade

Daisell Lismore Lout

dob: 15.08.1987  Dam: Eltarin Stare N Whispa

Ch. Eltarin Kinda Tops

dob: 15.05.1987  Dam: Franzell Fancy Boots

Eltarin Klassic Puff

dob: 14.05.1987  Dam: Eltarin Playgirl

Eltarin Touch O Klass

dob: 18.11.1986  Dam: Eltarin Stare N Whispa

Eltarin Kremlin

dob: 07.11.1986  Dam: Patrician August Moon

Eltarin Kurls N Swirls

dob: 28.08.1986  Dam: Eltarin Playgirl

Eltarin Kandy N Kreme
Eltarin Kandy N Kisses

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