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1983 - 1997
AUSTCH  Kojak Komfrey

Reg. no
: H4307606
: 04.07.1983
: Steel Blue
: Hairless
Brenda & Barrie Jones (Kojak, England)
Jenny Stembridge (Wumao, Australia)
  • at age of about 14 years
    ©Jenny Stembridge

  • about 9 months
    ©Jenny Stembridge

Siblings (11)


Pekevista Shan Soo Mei
Koral Of Kojak


Kojak Karamel
Kojak Komfrey
Kojak Klove
Kojak Kapers Of Sufredon
Kojak Kalonji Of Colboxhall
Kojak Karaway


Kojak Kamelot Of Porchester
Kojak Kismet of Arrencrest
Kojak Kadillac

Offspring (24) (Descendents)

dob: 07.02.1995  Dam: Vadelle Barefoot Kontesa

Wumao War Lord

dob: 03.08.1994  Dam: Eltarin Heaven Sent

Zhouzhi Jubaomen
Ch. Zhouzhi Duojing Lou
Zhouzhi Ganlu Si
Zhouzhi Tie Ta
Zhouzhi Jijiang Ting

dob: 30.07.1994  Dam: Firecrest Drest Fsucess

Dosangeles Ondine

dob: 27.06.1994  Dam: Vadelle Barefoot Kontesa

Wumao Airs N Graces
Ch. Wumao High Society

dob: 13.11.1992  Dam: Vadelle Barefoot Kontesa

Ch. Wumao Black Adder

dob: 29.04.1992  Dam: Vadelle Barefoot Kontesa

Ch. Wumao Right Now
Wumao Right Won

dob: 15.07.1991  Dam: Vadelle Treakle Tart

Vadelle My Little Pony
Vadelle Barefoot Kontesa

dob: 28.07.1990  Dam: Dragondancer The Pixie

Vadelle Tickled Pink

dob: 27.04.1986  Dam: Wumao Lotus Blossom

Wumao Contreau
Wumao Cafe Aulait
Wumao Charisma

dob: 10.11.1984  Dam: Eltarin Mae Ling

Wumao Blackjack
Wumao Baccarat

dob: 09.11.1984  Dam: Wumao Lotus Blossom

Wumao Ace Ohearts
Wumao Ace Ospades
Wumao Ace ODiamonds
Wumao Anais Anais

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