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SECH  Kulana's Diamante Rio

Reg. no
: S35053/2003
: 16.05.2002
: Blue
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5") / 5.80kg (12.7#)
Darlene Anderson (Kulana, United States)
Ingrid Lindgren (Sea Fire's, Sweden)

  • ©I.L

  • ©F.H

  • ©C.A

  • ©I.L

  • ©Essi Suominen

Siblings (4)


Kulana's Diamante Rio
Kulana's Diamonds In The Dust
Kulana's Diamonds In The Sky
Kulana's Diamonique

Offspring (70) (Descendents)

dob: 14.07.2013  Dam: Smedbys Kahlúa

Smedbys Seagram's
Smedbys Smirnoff Gold
Smedbys Star

dob: 16.04.2010  Dam: Sea Fire's Lykkemin

Sea Fire's I Feel Fine
Sea Fire's Ticket To Ride
Sea Fire's Can't Buy Me Love
Sea Fire's A Hard Day's Night
Sea Fire's Day Tripper

dob: 04.03.2010  Dam: Liddyleaze Carbon Date

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Sea Fire's Zackarias
Sea Fire's Zuchini
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dob: 23.03.2008  Dam: Marachinos Graphiti Girl

Yamboliz Aragon
Yamboliz Anastazia
Yamboliz Angelina

dob: 22.03.2008  Dam: Sea Fire's Bee-Boppa-Lulla

Sea Fire's Tabitha

dob: 14.07.2007  Dam: Kedveshazi Lita

Mme Hardy's Heidi
Mme Hardy's Hinkley Allen
Mme Hardy's Herkules
Mme Hardy's Hermes Zeus

dob: 03.07.2007  Dam: Müslis Svecia

Untouchable's It's Love Again
Untouchable's Ink N'Ice

dob: 20.01.2007  Dam: Sea Fire's Quenell

Sea Fire's Pajazzo
Sea Fire's Promise

dob: 12.01.2007  Dam: Kashi Shine On Crazy Diamond

Sea Fire's Nic Suprise

dob: 03.12.2004  Dam: Marachinos AlphenKicka

Marachinos Fashion Fantasy

dob: 29.11.2004  Dam: Sea Fire's Bonnie Bee

Sea Fire's Ebony
Sea Fire's Easy To Love
Sea Fire's Eshobar
Sea Fire's Evolution

dob: 10.10.2004  Dam: Belshaw's Miracle At Mocciz

Mocci'z Highland Birg
Mocci'z Highland Welcome
Mocci'z Highland Gold

dob: 29.06.2004  Dam: Sea Fire's Blended Blossom

Blue Wing's Dream Not For Sale
Blue Wing's Charlotte's Dreamgirl
Blue Wing's Dee-Dee Dreamgirl
Blue Wing's Dreamboy To Honeymade

dob: 10.06.2004  Dam: Rådjurstigens Ariel The Queen

Rådjurstigens Harry Potter
Rådjurstigens Hercules
Rådjurstigens Highlander
Rådjurstigens Happy Honey
Rådjurstigens Hermione Granger

dob: 18.05.2004  Dam: Sea Fire's Missy More

Sea Fire's Cool Breeze
Sea Fire's ColadaCocco
Sea Fire's Corbin The Challenger
Sea Fire's Contessa Of Chutney
Sea fire's
Sea Fire's Cobacabana

dob: 26.11.2003  Dam: Belshaw's Samsara

Belshaw's Roses And More
Belshaw's Wishes And Dreams
Belshaw's Diamonds And Rubies
Belshaw's One Man Show
Belshaw's Under Your Spell

dob: 13.10.2003  Dam: Rådjurstigens Ariel The Queen

Rådjurstigens Global Girl
Rådjurstigens Gangster Boy
Rådjurstigens Gentleman
Rådjurstigens Gloria Estefan
Rådjurstigens Giggelo Rio

dob: 07.10.2003  Dam: Lohamras Biskvie

Lohamras Julienne
Lohamras Japp
Lohamras Jam Jam
Lohamras Jitterbug

dob: 30.09.2003  Dam: Prefix Olympic Goddess

Concept Dog's A Ozzy Boy
Concept Dog's A Sweet Nicole
Concept Dog's A Dazzling Diva
Concept Dog's A Naked Lady

dob: 15.09.2003  Dam: Sea Fire's Bonnie Bee

Sea Fire's Ain't She Sweet
Ch. Sea Fire's Amazing Grace

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