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ATCH  FINCH  INTCH(FCI)  LUXCH  SECH  WW-98Lionheart Kristmas Klown

Reg. no
: S15667/96
: 21.12.1995
: Blue
: Hairless
Lasse & Tove Hellström (Lionheart, Sweden)
Cristine Burrus (Honeycroft, Switzerland)
  • © Marianne Salminen



Siblings (4)


Lionheart Kristmas Kandice
Lionheart Kristmas Klown
Lionheart Kristmas Krystal
Lionheart Kool Kristmas Kain

Offspring (28) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam:

Dynamic Dexter Of Honeycroft

dob: 02.01.2006  Dam: Blandora Beyond Belief

Kaline of Honeycroft

dob: 14.12.2003  Dam: Lionheart Konnekting People

Lionheart Kalamity Jane
Lionheart Kristmas Kaos
Lionheart Kardinal Kashmir

dob: 20.04.2003  Dam: Goldenberry Jay Bumble Bee

Diamond Dream Of Honeycroft
Dolce Vita Of Honeycroft

dob: 14.04.2003  Dam: Blandora Blue Ivory

Charly's Angel Of Honeycroft
Call Me Chelsea Of Honeycroft

dob: 18.12.1999  Dam: Opium Of Honeycroft

William Of Honeycroft
Ch. Willow of Honeycroft

dob: 04.09.1998  Dam: Teufelchen Precious-Silvergirl

Ch. Uncle Sam Of Honeycroft

dob: 19.05.1998  Dam: Goldenberry Une Melody

Ch. Goldenberry Gamely Candy-Floss
Goldenberry Guyzmo Spectacular
Goldenberry Gambler

dob: 23.09.1997  Dam: Lionheart Karachel Karamelle

Lionheart Kandle In The Wind
Lionheart Kwite A Klown

dob: 20.09.1997  Dam: Båvens Brilliant Ice Fern

Hibacka's Lionking
Ch. Hibacka's Sarabi
Hibacka's Nala

dob: 18.01.1997  Dam: Egoiste Sinéad-O'Connor

Bartok's Bing Crosby
Bartok's Billie Holiday

dob: 19.11.1996  Dam: Lionheart Karachel Karamelle

Lionheart Kween Of Hearts
Lionheart Kween Of Dy-Amonds

dob: 19.11.1996  Dam: Lionheart Kassiopeia

Physical Fascination Nala
Physical Fascination Pumba
Physical Fascination Shenzi
Physical Fascination Timon

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