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2001 - 2012
FINCH  NORDCH  NUCH  SECH  Lohamras Figaro

Reg. no
: S46559/01
: 02.08.2001
: Mahogny
: Hairless
Gerd Bastholm (Lohamras, Sweden)
Ingela Karlsson
  • ©Janne Johansson

  • ©Ingela Karlsson

  • ©Ingela Karlsson

  • ©Ingela Karlsson

Siblings (4)


Lohamras Fromage
Lohamras Figaro
Lohamras Farina
Lohamras Fox

Offspring (15) (Descendents)

dob: 09.06.2006  Dam: Luminara's Beauty Of Spring

Luminara's Evolution

dob: 12.02.2005  Dam: Willow Star's Ice Crystal

Willow Star's HeartAttack
Willow Star's HeartBeat
Willow Star's SweetHeart
Willow Star's Pureheart

dob: 24.11.2004  Dam: Luminara

Luminara's Born Beauty
Luminara's Pink Passion Girl

dob: 03.11.2004  Dam: Silverekens Madicken

Lucky Line's Cruella de Vil
Lucky Line's Cool Raider
Lucky Line's Claim For Fame
Lucky Line's Cool Rider

dob: 23.08.2003  Dam: Silverekens Madicken

Lucky Line's Body Language
Ch. Lucky Line's Back To His Father
Lucky Line's Blizzard

dob: 18.04.2003  Dam: Oriental Jokes Sitcom

Frostice Black Velvet

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