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SECH  Maldinis Black River

: 31.03.2003
: Black
: Hairless
Maud Linnerborg (Maldinis, Sweden)
Maud Linnerborg (Maldinis, Sweden)
  • Bobo
    ©Happy Dogs

  • Bobo 2007-06-09
    ©Marjo Rönkä

  • Bobo 2007-06-09,Vänersborg
    ©Marjo Rönkä

  • Bobo 6 månader
    ©Maud Linnerborg

  • ©Maud Linnerborg

  • ©Morgan Hallengren

  • Bobo 15 månader, här tillsammans med Cindy
    ©Happy Dogs

  • Bobo & Maud på handlerkurs 050424
    ©Siv-Laila Sandaaker

  • Bobo med sin dotter
    ©Maud Linnerborg

  • Bobo på Tånga Hed 050522
    ©Morgan Hallengren


2xBIR, 4xBIM, 5xCert, 1xBIG-4, BIS på inofficiell utställning alla raser, flera BIR valp

Siblings (4)


Maldinis Sterling Silver
Maldinis Black River
Maldinis Bonaire
Maldinis Desirous Queen

Offspring (55) (Descendents)

dob: 02.12.2014  Dam: Stintans Kitana

Nightstorms Anastasia
Nightstorms Allofme

dob: 18.11.2012  Dam: Fullibus Juliana

Wildering's X-Tra Allt
Wildering's X-Tra Mycket

dob: 22.10.2007  Dam: Müslis Countess

Müslis Lonely

dob: 02.05.2006  Dam: Maldinis Lovely Sunshine

Estillinis Marróne De Chokolate

dob: 16.04.2006  Dam: Fullträffen's Aurora

Rosbos Ciao-Ciao
Rosbos Quattro
Rosbos Fantasia
Rosbos Toros
Rosbos Tropicana

dob: 18.02.2006  Dam: Thunderball Stars Antique Women

Kingstone's Maximus In Black
Kingstones Lucilla In Black
Kingstones Commodus In Black

dob: 18.01.2006  Dam: Maldinis Sancy Opal

Maldinis Dolce Cadenza
Maldinis Sonoro
Maldinis Andante
Maldinis Bel Amorosa
Maldinis Bel Canto

dob: 01.01.2006  Dam: Proud Pony Queen Of China

Rahima's Asaalah
Rahima's Atlas
Rahima's Aniiq
Rahima's Aýasu
Rahima's Aamil
Rahima's Aziim

dob: 15.11.2005  Dam: Trollmyren's Rakel Spektakel


dob: 06.08.2005  Dam: Untouchable's Baba-Yaga

Untouchable's Every Breath You Take
Untouchable's Every Little Step
Untouchable's Everybody's Talkin'
Untouchable's Enough Is Enough
Untouchable's Everlasting Love

dob: 13.03.2005  Dam: Proud Pony Heavenly Creature

Proud Pony Congratulations
Proud Pony Cover Girl
Proud Pony Coppertone
Proud Pony Crowning Glory
Proud Pony Celebration

dob: 10.02.2005  Dam: Sandfield's Beezebe

Sandfield's Juno Suspita
Sandfield's Julius Cesar
Sandfield's Juno Regina
Sandfield's Juturna

dob: 08.01.2005  Dam: Proud Pony My Beautiful Reward

Untouchable's Dido
Untouchable's Daidalos
Untouchable's Demeter
Untouchable's Dagda
Untouchable's Dafne
Untouchable's Danaos
Untouchable's Dionysos

dob: 17.11.2004  Dam: Tournais Kisses From Above

Ch. Krysolit Breeze-Algot
Krysolit Bendix-Fabian
Krysolit Blissimo-Soki

dob: 19.02.2004  Dam: Sandfield's Zusanli

Sandfield's Gladrim
Sandfield's Gwathren
Sandfield's Galadriel Fain
Sandfield's Gwilwileth
Sandfield's Gweneth

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