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SECH  Maldinis Sancy Brilliant Lord

Reg. no
: S17355/2000
: 01.02.2000
: Blue
: Hairless
Maud Linnerborg (Maldinis, Sweden)
Maud Linnerborg (Maldinis, Sweden)
  • ©Morgan Hallengren

  • ©Maud Linnerborg

  • Lucas 6 month
    ©Pia Hjerling

  • Lucas 6 månader
    ©Maud Linnerborg

  • Lucas 9 wks
    ©Maud Linnerborg

Siblings (3)


Maldinis Sancy Brilliant Lord
Maldinis Sancy Cullinan
Maldinis Sancy Oriental Pearl

Offspring (43) (Descendents)

dob: 30.06.2011  Dam: Qigous Kassiopeia

Nomilas Brilliant Choice
Nomilas Brilliant Move

dob: 31.05.2011  Dam: Untouchable's Kiss'n Tell

Cosi Fan Tutte

dob: 03.07.2009  Dam: Müslis Lovis

Zorrazo Q

dob: 02.10.2007  Dam: Thunderball Stars Antique Women

Kingstones Olivia Di Haverland

dob: 01.12.2006  Dam: Maldinis Lovely Sunshine

Estillinis Amazing Love Of Troy
Estillinis Craving Love For Tesoro
Estillinis Love Treasure Tristan
Estillinis Love Flight To Catalina
Estillinis Lady Love Evangeline

dob: 12.10.2006  Dam: Maldinis Champagne Condé

Ch. Maldinis Pierre Balmain
Ch. Maldinis J P Gauthier
Maldinis Laura Aschley
Maldinis Paco Rabanne
Maldinis Hugo Boss

dob: 22.07.2006  Dam: Dyrdal's Bim Ballerina

Rosbos Cassanova
Rosbos Romantica

dob: 07.04.2005  Dam: Fullträffen's Aurora

Rosbos True Love
Rosbos King Creole
Rosbos Kiss Me Quick
Rosbos Love Me Tender
Rosbos Good Luck Charm

dob: 20.03.2005  Dam: Müslis Lovis

Müslis Bugg
Müslis Tango
Ch. Müslis Lambada
Müslis Samba

dob: 09.04.2003  Dam: Chinetta's Calamity Jane

Chinetta's Charming Earth Angel
Chinetta's Chin Chin Zorrazo
Chinetta's Crimson Brilliant
Chinetta's Covert Angel Eyes

dob: 21.01.2003  Dam: Tournais Kisses From Above

Krysolit Alert-Caspar

dob: 15.11.2002  Dam: Sandfield's Beezebe

Ch. Sandfield's Daidalos
Sandfield's Daphne Demeter

dob: 11.07.2002  Dam: Chinetta's Coco Chanel

Chinetta's Cacharel Gloria

dob: 12.04.2002  Dam: Woodlyn Moptop Champagne N'Roses

Maldinis Royal Ascot
Maldinis Blue Diamond

dob: 10.04.2001  Dam: Lionheart Konsider Ulla

Belshaw's Wish
Belshaw's Samsara
Belshaw's Shalimar For Lisar
Belshaw's Forever
Belshaw's Kashaya
Belshaw's Miracle At Mocciz
Belshaw's Matrix

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