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SECH  Mocci'z Bunnahabhain

: 13.11.2002
: Black & White
: Hairless
Kerstin & Yvette Persberger (Mocci'z, Sweden)
Sonja Engberg
  • ©K. Persberger

  • Weightpull 26 Aug 2008.
    ©Sofia Engberg

  • Weightpull 26 Aug 2008, vagnens vikt: 35 kg.
    ©Therese Östlund

Siblings (4)


Mocci'z Bowmore
Mocci'z Bunnahabhain
Mocci'z Lady Burn
Mocci'z Dalmore

Offspring (32) (Descendents)

dob: 02.03.2007  Dam: Mocci'z Lady Burn

Mocci'z George Dickel
Mocci'z Daviess Country

dob: 02.02.2007  Dam: Newbourne Eternity

Mocci'z Dufftown
Mocci'z Devenha
Mocci'z Deanston

dob: 21.04.2006  Dam: Silverekens Milk And Honey

Chinese Line Amorosa
Chinese Line Apollo
Chinese Line Azalea
Chinese Line Aramis

dob: 28.09.2005  Dam: Flywheel's Svarta Sara

Om Ints Chanelle

dob: 23.09.2005  Dam: Sea Fire's Yippie

Sea Fire's Hooked On A Feeling

dob: 05.07.2005  Dam: Marachinos AlphenKicka

Marachinos Gidde Palema
Marachinos Go Get Camaro
Marachinos Girl Power Only
Marachinos Got To Be Me
Marachinos Graphiti Girl

dob: 13.01.2005  Dam: Mocci'z Miss Dior

Mocci'z Tomatin
Mocci'z Cragganmore

dob: 02.08.2004  Dam: Prefix Please Be Good To Sun-Hee

Ch. Sun-Hee's Dressed For Success

dob: 26.06.2004  Dam: Mocci'z Bettina Brenner

Mocci'z Black Ribbon
Mocci'z Cardhu
Mocci'z Tullamore Dew

dob: 12.05.2004  Dam: Eikjhor Daydream

Noon's Zoe Lee Broock
Noon's Velvet Lee Broock
Noon's Lizzie Lee Broock
Noon's Dallas Lee Broock

dob: 30.10.2003  Dam: Mocci'z Black Velvet

Ch. Mocci'z Knockando
Mocci'z Hazelburn
Mocci'z Little Mill
Mocci'z Scapa
Mocci'z Seggie
Mocci'z Tamdhu

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