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1984 - 1996
Moonswift Captain Fantastic

Reg. no
: KCSB4036BV
: 14.12.1984
: Blue White Mkgs
: Hairless
Diana Bowdler-Townsend (Moonswift, England)
Owner unknown.
  • ©Unknown

  • ©Unknown

Offspring (34) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Moonswift Miss Scatti

Madam Kizzy
Myowal Dougal

dob: 30.10.1994  Dam: Moonswift Minniehaha

Moonswift Miss Aimee
Moonswift Magnolia
Moonswift Wind In Her Hair
Moonswift Miss Mabel

dob: 19.06.1994  Dam: Moonswift Dark Crystal

Moonswift Live Wire
Moonswift Blue Sequin
Moonswift Front Runner

dob: 20.02.1994  Dam: Moonswift I'm Shirley

Moonswift Miss Bikini
Moonswift Miss Baloo

dob: 11.11.1993  Dam: Moonswift Grizelda

Moonswift Piercing Arrow
Moonswift Coffee Cream

dob: 11.11.1993  Dam: Moonswift Miss Gizmo

Moonswift Captain Prefix

dob: 26.04.1993  Dam: Moonswift Miss Valerie

Moonswift Captain Nemo
Moonswift Classy Chassis

dob: 29.06.1991  Dam: Moonswift Miss Zsa Zsa

Moonswift Petronella
Moonswift Cherokee Chief

dob: 02.06.1990  Dam: Moonswift Miss Pansy

Moonswift Bridgette
Moonswift Belinda
Moonswift Briar Rose
Ch. Moonswift Captain Christy

dob: 07.07.1987  Dam: Moonswift Painted Lily

Ch. Moonswift Mr Magoo Of Apocodeodar
Moonswift Miss Harriet
Moonswift Golden King

dob: 04.07.1987  Dam: Heathermount Yu Hu Of Moonswift

Moonswift Miss Flora

dob: 07.04.1987  Dam: Heathermount Yu Hu Of Moonswift

Moonswift Miss Sable

dob: 02.04.1987  Dam: Moonswift Miss Felicity

Moonswift Miss Wendy

dob: 05.12.1986  Dam: Heathermount Provocative

Moonswift Miss Lucille

dob: 29.11.1986  Dam: Clogheen Louisa

Moonswift Miss Molly

dob: 11.10.1986  Dam: Moonswift Hot Potato Of Blandora

Blandora High Fidelity

dob: 11.11.1985  Dam: Saridak's Sugar 'N' Spice Of Moonswift

Moonswift Gambling Man
Moonswift Dangerman
Ch. Moonswift Dangerman-Mayapan

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