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BECH  VDHCH  CERCH  DCH(Club)  INTCH(FCI)  LUXCH  VDH-Europajugendsieger,VDH-Europasieger,Amsterdamwinner, Leipzigwinner,Dt. JugendchampionMoonswift Prince Dante

Reg. no
: VDH/CER 1807/98
: 06.05.1997
: Black White MKgs
: Powderpuff
Diana Bowdler-Townsend (Moonswift, England)
Petra Lüpertz-Dickhardt (Of Moonlight Shadow, Germany)
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Siblings (2)


Moonswift Prince Dante
Moonswift Princess Diana

Offspring (24) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Bloomsbury Jamie-Lu

Octopussy Of Moonlight Shadow

dob: 08.05.2006  Dam: Ellie Modry kvet

Ch. Oliver Modry kvet

dob: 19.06.2005  Dam: Blanket Marble Pazzda

Berwyn Tanny May's mile
Byron Sully May's mile
May's mile Blackdown Loreen

dob: 02.08.2002  Dam: Queeny Of Moonlight Shadow

Ch. Frendor's O'Lala
Ch. Frendor's O'Lady Lou
Ch. Frendor's O'Prince Regent
Frendor's Organza

dob: 20.05.2001  Dam: Dancing Wizzard's Amira

Dancing Wizard's Captain Cooper
Dancing Wizard's Chiara
Dancing Wizard's Crazy Chilli

dob: 25.11.1999  Dam: Bara Modry kvet

Fler Modry Kvet
Febii Modry Kvet
Felicita Modry Kvet
Fill Modry kvet
Ch. Francesca Modry kvet
Flori Modry Kvet
Ch. Frencis Modry kvet

dob: 07.08.1999  Dam: Di Gabriellas Nikola

Di Gabriellas Quinta

dob: 26.07.1998  Dam: Vanessa Van Jo Van

Ch. Di Gabriellas Otis
Di Gabriellas Orlando
Di Gabriellas Othello
Di Gabriellas Oliver

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