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SECH  Movalian Don Rusty Thomson

Reg. no
: S41582/93
: 13.06.1992
: Mahogany & White
: Hairless
Val & Ian Blore (Movalian, England)
Owner unknown.

  • ©unknown

  • ©unknown

Siblings (2)


Movalian Don Rusty Thomson
Movalian Lucychrysaor

Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob: 20.07.1997  Dam: Lionheart Kristmas Krystal

Ch. Maldinis Sancy-Krystal
Ch. Maldinis Krystal-Hope

dob: 21.04.1997  Dam: Jokima Jah Kita

Ch. Lionheart Kind Regards To Proud Pony
Lionheart Katch The Moon For Eve

dob: 17.02.1996  Dam: Lionheart Kween Kristin

Lionheart Kapo Di Tutti Kapi

dob: 06.07.1994  Dam: Lionheart Kassiopeia

Physical Fascination Primrose
Ch. Physical Fascination Prince Quillo
Physical Fascination Pilot Longhair
Physical Fascination Priscilla
Physical Fascination Pearl Paw

dob: 14.05.1994  Dam: Gandaki's Gazelle

Gandaki's Gabrielle
Gandaki's Garamond
Gandaki's Garfield
Ch. Gandaki's Garfunkel

dob: 13.05.1994  Dam: Lionheart Love'n' Lace

Lionheart Kween Kristin
Lionheart Krash-Boom-Bang

dob: 04.05.1994  Dam: Keshar's Black Beauty

Beddi's Cosiy Wing Ding

dob: 15.08.1993  Dam: Keshar's Chi-Chi-Lee

Lionheart Karissima Blue
Ch. Lionheart Kween Of Spades

dob: 11.08.1993  Dam: Keshar's China Rose

Lionheart Kween Kaldma

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