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AMCH  Pahlavi Via K-Pax

Reg. no
: TR 07623801
: 18.08.2002
: slate
: Hairless
: 31.75cm (12.5")
Ken Sussman & Karen Wagner & Deborah Wheeler (Pahlavi, United States)
Ken Sussman & Karen Wagner & Deborah Wheeler (Pahlavi, United States)

  • ©JC

  • ©Essi Suominen

  • ©steve kelly

  • Fing on the move

  • ©woodlyn web site

Siblings (2)


Pahlavi Kabooom


Pahlavi Via K-Pax

Offspring (30) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Wind Wicked Witch Of Rompford

Ch. Pahlavi Make Believin'

dob:   Dam: Woodlyn Redhot Well Latte Dah

Woodlyn Somef'ing Mischievous

dob: 08.10.2007  Dam: Woodlyn Chardonnay

Ch. Woodlyn Anyf'ing Goes
Woodlyn Money Changes Everyf'ing

dob: 14.02.2007  Dam: Royal Evening Out With N'Co DOM

Belews Beau Tied Heart
Ch. Belews Natural Heartbreaker
Ch. Belews Straight Thru The Heart
Ch. Belews Braveheart
Belews Earned Heart
Ch. Belews A Change Of Heart

dob: 27.08.2006  Dam: Ghostmar 'N Pahlavi Spinderella

Ch. Pahlavi Pebbles
Ch. Pahlavi Bamm-Bamm!

dob: 06.04.2006  Dam: Blandora Wannabeastar

Ch. Bolak Black Lace De Pahlavi
Ch. Bolak's Jester of Fing's Court

dob: 04.04.2006  Dam: Blandora Wannabeastar

Ch. Bolak's Little Princess Of Ri-leen

dob: 14.10.2005  Dam: Wal-Len's Ray Of Light

Ch. Heluja's Charmin Fing En Rogue

dob: 02.10.2005  Dam: Woodlyn Redhot Well Latte Dah

Ch. Woodlyn Somef'ing Scrumptious

dob: 01.10.2005  Dam: Elan Xandali All That Jazz

Ch. Pahlavi Xiangqi
Ch. Pahlavi's Ping Pong of Asgard

dob: 25.02.2005  Dam: Ghostmar 'N Pahlavi Spinderella

Pahlavi Party Boy
Pahlavi Peep Show
Ch. Pahlavi Peepin' Tom
Ch. Pahlavi Peepin' Tom

dob: 12.11.2004  Dam: Puffin Photo Finish At Shomars

Puffin Picture This
Ch. Shomars-Candas Puff N Stuff

dob: 05.07.2004  Dam: Wind Wicked Witch Of Rompford

Ch. Wind's A Little Daredevil In Me
Wind's Captain America At KryLeigh

dob: 08.03.2004  Dam: Krishna Puffin Makara's Tiara

Makara's Mocha Madness Su-Zen
Su-Zen Hot Java Makara
Su-Zen Creme de Makara

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