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Reg. no
: S15311/01
: 17.11.2000
: Blue Sptd
: Hairless
Gunilla Agronius (Prefix, Sweden)
Gunilla Agronius (Prefix, Sweden)
  • ©Agronius

  • ©Agronius

  • ©Agronius

  • ©Böös

  • ©Böös

  • May 2005

  • ©Agronius

  • Porto 2001


2 x BIS Chinese Crested Club show
BIS puppy World Show 2001
4 x BIS-I puppy at 4 SKK shows
BIS-I puppy club show 2001
48 BOBs
16 Group and BIS placings
4 CCs, 2 RCCs
Crested of the year 2nd ?02
Crested of the year ?03
Crested male of the year ?04
BIS-2 Lilla Stockholm int ?06
Crested of the year ?06
Crested stud dog of the year ?06

Father of 5 Champions

Siblings (7)


Prefix Hands Up Harry
Prefix Highlander
Prefix Hold Your Horses
Prefix Honk Your Horn
Prefix Hotmail
Prefix Hot Gossip
Prefix Hotlips

Offspring (57) (Descendents)

dob: 07.03.2009  Dam: Crestwood HA Aquila

Hundred Acres Swedish Dream
Hundred Acres Dream You Feidhlim
Hundred Acres Dream Come True
Hundred Acres Freaky Dream

dob: 24.02.2009  Dam: Sippelins Golden de GabriTho

Koskjon Beginning Of Prefix
Koskjon Be Strong
Koskjon ButÉe
Koskjon Be My Gulliver

dob: 13.09.2008  Dam: Müslis Lambada

Müslis Knight
Ch. Müslis Gladiator
Müslis Fighter
Müslis Warrior
Ch. Müslis Soldier

dob: 16.04.2007  Dam: Trønderpia's Flirting Lady

Trønderpia's Just What I Wanted
Trønderpia's Just Consider Me
Trønderpia's Just My Joker
Trønderpia's Just Wait And See
Trønderpia's Just In My Dreams

dob: 25.01.2006  Dam: Prefix Consider Connie

Prefix Ville Viking
Prefix William The Conqueror
Prefix Wilma Flintstone
Prefix Wish Upon A Star
Prefix Valle Vagabond

dob: 22.04.2005  Dam: Moonswift Mamma Mia

Zitrin'z Waterloo
Zitrin'z Winner Takes It All
Zitrin'z Voulez-Vous
Zitrin'z When I Kissed The Teacher

dob: 09.02.2005  Dam: Suanho's BellaCoola

Suanho's Tutelo
Ch. Suanho's Copper Eskimo
Suanho's Lillooet
Suanho's Hootzhahoo

dob: 10.12.2004  Dam: Mocci'z Lady Burn

Ch. Mocci'z Ardmore
Mocci'z Islay Mist

dob: 09.10.2004  Dam: Hibacka's Marvelous Miss Marple

Ch. Hibacka's Amazing Adventure
Hibacka's Traveling Gulliver
Hibacka's Empress Of Belfaborac
Hibacka's Festina Lente

dob: 31.05.2003  Dam: Prefix Opium Rose

Prefix Right You Are
Prefix Ragnar Riddare
Prefix Royal Flash
Prefix Ramses The Pharaoh
Prefix Rhapsody In Rock
Ch. Prefix Really Something

dob: 28.11.2002  Dam: Zitrin'z Exellent Is The Queen

Zitrin'z Jewel För The Queen

dob: 25.07.2002  Dam: Prefix Koh-I-Noor

Prefix Pardon My Swedish
Prefix Petite Fleur
Prefix Please Be Good To Sun-Hee
Prefix Puttin On The Wig

dob: 07.01.2002  Dam: Prefix Koh-I-Noor

Prefix Milk And Honey
Prefix Miss Sweden
Prefix Mustang Sally
Ch. Prefix My Darling Clementine
Ch. Prefix Maria Magdalena
Prefix Miss World

dob: 12.10.2001  Dam: Prefix Scandal Beauty

Prefix Lord Have Mercy
Prefix Linus Långhår
Prefix Living With Kitte

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