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Primecca Dragon Slayer

Reg. no
: 1355677
: 14.05.1993
: Grey & Pink
: Hairless
Pam Seabrook (Primecca, Australia)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (4)


Primecca Buffies Delite
Primecca Dragon Slayer
Primecca Snow Blossom
Primecca Midnite Star

Offspring (19) (Descendents)

dob: 18.09.1997  Dam: Chinkie Yen Isolde

Primecca Empress Jae

dob: 18.09.1997  Dam: Primecca White Sabrina

Primecca Silver Cloud
Primecca Puff Nut
Primecca Lace Button
Primecca Miss Jade
Primecca Lone Wolf
Primecca White Bufflo

dob: 18.06.1996  Dam: Primecca Many Waters

Primecca Holly
Primecca Vanity
Primecca Gay Heart
Ch. Primecca Hawkins

dob: 08.02.1995  Dam: Chinkie Yen Eurydice

Primecca Star Dust
Primecca Lilly
Primecca The Wizard
Primecca Charlie

dob: 09.06.1994  Dam: Chinkie Yen Isolde

Primecca Black Jazzmin
Primecca Garfee Boy
Primecca Domino Girl
Primecca Sable Boy

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