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Proud Pony Velvet Paw

: 21.04.2003
: Mahogany
: Hairless
Åsa & Tua Lagerstam (Proud Pony, Sweden)
Linda Gutborn
  • Gucci 2007

  • Gucci sommaren/summer 2007

  • Gucci sommaren/summer 2007

  • Gucci våren/spring 2005

  • Gucci sommaren/summer 2003
    ©Linda Gutborn

Siblings (9)


Proud Pony Rattlesnake
Proud Pony Rainbow Warrior
Proud Pony Rendezvous
Proud Pony Runaway Angel


Proud Pony Vanilla Ice
Proud Pony Velvet Paw
Proud Pony Voyager
Proud Pony Vagabond
Proud Pony Victory

Offspring (11) (Descendents)

dob: 24.04.2009  Sire: Rosengårdens Proud To Be A Pony

Proud Pony Quick Kick
Proud Pony Quite a Miracle
Proud Pony Queen of Cresteds
Proud Pony Quite Magical

dob: 14.06.2007  Sire: Lu de GabriTho Poarott

Proud Pony Light My Fire
Proud Pony Limelight
Proud Pony Lap Power
Proud Pony Lord Of The Dark

dob: 20.04.2005  Sire: Oika Bull Zazzerazecchino

Proud Pony Da Capo
Proud Pony Dream Catcher
Proud Pony Destiny's Child

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