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1999 - 2010
AMCH  Puffin Dandee Lion Of Jewels DOM

: 22.04.1999
: Blue
: Hairless
Julie & Jon Wells (Jewels, United States)
Steve Kelly (Puffin, United States)
Owner unknown.
  • Dandee

  • Dandee
    ©Steve Kelly

Siblings (5)


Jewels Lion Eyes Of Puffin
Jewels Lion's Pride Of Puffin
Jewels Lion's Share Of Puffin
Puffin Dandee Lion Of Jewels DOM
Jewels I'm Not Lion Of Puffin

Offspring (16) (Descendents)

dob: 08.03.2004  Sire: Rompford Dark N Haunting Wind

Ch. Puffin In The Black
Ch. Puffin Black Widow
Ch. Puffin Basic Black
Ch. Puffin Black Belt
Puffin Black Leather Chaps

dob: 14.03.2003  Sire: Rompford Dark N Haunting Wind

Puffin Paint Splatters
Ch. Puffin Crayon Scribbles
Puffin Licorice Stick
Puffin Mouseketeer
Puffin Tassle Dancer

dob: 16.08.2001  Sire: Puffin Portfolio

Ch. Puffin Public Image
Ch. Puffin Public Opinion
Ch. Puffin Public Relations
Ch. Puffin Public Relations
Puffin Public Nuisance
Puffin Public Reaction

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