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2000 - 2016
AMCH  DCH(Club)  LUXCH  VDHCHRazzmatazz Araby

: 15.06.2000
: Pink White Mkgs
: Hairless
Amy Fernandez (Razzmatazz, United States)
Hodina I (Rus Foreva, Russian Federation)
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Siblings (2)


Razzmatazz Clear As A Bell
Razzmatazz Araby

Offspring (58) (Descendents)

dob: 28.04.2010  Dam: Via Dragonfly

Rus Foreva Paris
Rus Foreva Peri
Rus Foreva Peri
Rus Foreva Pamir

dob: 27.12.2009  Dam: Angelika Melza Star

Rus Foreva Indigo Bonita
Rus Foreva Hidalgo
Rus Foreva Ideal

dob: 13.11.2009  Dam: Cherie ze Zatopene Chajdy

Apriori Vip Circeya Rus Foreva
Apriori Vip Caesarea
Apriori Vip Centurion
Apriori Vip Caesar

dob: 12.02.2009  Dam: Malta Skansen Anary

Rus Foreva Hight Energy
Rus Foreva Hit FM

dob: 08.09.2007  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Viola

Bummi Benedikt Mitau

dob: 05.07.2007  Dam: Ljustalver's Baronessa Shtral

Fantastik Kashmir Britni My Chans
Ch. Fantastik Kashmir Batterflyai
Fantastik Kashmir Bourbon

dob: 05.07.2007  Dam:

Fantastik Kashmir Britni My Shant

dob: 06.01.2007  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Tiffany

Welldan Viza
Welldan Vita

dob: 01.10.2006  Dam: Moonswift Sparkling Dove

Fantastik Kashmir Romeo ot Araby
Fantastik Kashmir Rapsody Love
Ch. Fantastik Kashmir Ramona Beauty
Ch. Fantastik Kashmir Rita Joy
Fantastik Kashmir Rom Bright
Fantastik Kashmir Runett

dob: 17.09.2006  Dam: British Glori Gracia Pusha (in Shelcovij Shlejf)

Shelcovij Shlejf Duk Djambo
Shelcovij Shlejf Donna Kara
Ch. Shelcovij Shlejf Donata Mistik

dob: 03.08.2006  Dam: Moonswift Gift Of the Orient

Fantastik Kashmir Mindal
Fantastik Kashmir Madonna

dob: 19.10.2005  Dam: Homage for A.D. von Shinbashi

Work of Art von Shinbashi
Wildrunner Von Shinbashi

dob: 27.09.2005  Dam: Newbourne She's Got The Looks

Special Edition Is She Not Lovely
Special Edition Let's Get Loud

dob: 29.05.2005  Dam: Oriental Jokes Sweet Sensation

My Longtime Companion Yoshi
My Longtime Companion Yakobi
My Longtime Companion Ypsi
My Longtime Companion Yannek
My Longtime Companion Yanka
My Longtime Companion Yoko

dob: 27.01.2005  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Mikelina Tail

Pick It Up for Show von Shinbashi
Peppermint Sweet von Shinbashi
Ch. Perfect Performance Von Shinbashi
Phantastic Illusion Von Shinbashi
Perfect Performance Von Shinbashi
Paradise Bird von Shinbashi

dob: 11.11.2004  Dam: Cover Girl von Shinbashi

Latin Lover von Shinbashi

dob: 22.02.2004  Dam: Strippoker's Dragqueen

Ch. Taijan Dreamer Tornado
Taijan Dreamer The Bacchus
Ch. Taijan Dreamer Tinkerbelle
Taijan Dreamer Tausendschön

dob: 25.01.2004  Dam: Nina von Shinbashi

Golden Dust von Shinbashi
Glitter Girl Von Shinbashi
Ch. Golden Medaillon von Shinbashi
Ch. Givenchy Von Shinbashi
Ch. Glamour Girl Von Shinbashi

dob: 03.03.2003  Dam: Moonswift Flower Of Orient


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