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AMCH  CANCH  multi BIS muti BISS PBIS SOM All time TOP Canadian CrestedRompford Dark N Haunting Wind

Reg. no
: KU695094
: 22.10.2000
: Black with white
: Hairless
Lesley Thomas (Firecrest, Canada)
Marie DuBois (Rompford, Canada)
Marie DuBois (Rompford, Canada)
Peggy May & Donna McLeod (Wind, Canada)
  • Drac

  • ©Lesley Thomas

  • ©Marie DuBois

Siblings (10)


Rompford Dark N Haunting Wind
Rompford Racin Burst Of Smoke
Rompford Angel In Disguise
Wind Wicked Witch Of Rompford
Rompford Smoke On The Mountain


Wind Midsummers Nite Dream
Rompford Crybaby Of Yorkhouse
Rompford Affair Of The Heart
Firecrest Queen Of The Nile
Firecrest Windyday At Rompford

Offspring (59) (Descendents)

dob: 11.01.2011  Dam: Silver Bluff Donna Karan

Masquerade Coming Up Roses
Ch. Masquerade Stroke Of Midnight

dob: 24.09.2010  Dam: Untold Royal Secrets N'Co

Bodeswell Half Century
Bodeswell Happy Spirit
Bodeswell Pretty Pony

dob: 27.08.2009  Dam: Woodlyn Somef'ing Scrumptious

Ch. Wind Shoot the Moon
Ch. Wind Man in the Moon

dob: 29.11.2008  Dam: Untold Royal Secrets N'Co

Ch. Bodeswell Life of the Party
Bodeswell Fallen Angel
Bodeswell Twilight at Curlious
Ch. Bodeswell Surely You Jest

dob: 10.06.2008  Dam: Ghostmar Palar Grea Sparklena

Ghostmar's The Vampire Armand
Ch. Ghostmar's Count Sparcula
Ch. Ghostmar's Dark Shadows

dob: 08.06.2007  Dam: Softail Sparrow Hawk Yorkhouse

Ch. Rompford Nut'n On ButThe Radio
Yorkhouse Jet Setter

dob: 21.12.2006  Dam: Starward Tequila Sunset

Ch. Hampshire Tine Bitty Bella
Ch. Hampshire N Wind At Rompford
Ch. Hampshire Quilla Nike At Night
Ch. Hampshire Stylized Bladerunner

dob: 29.06.2006  Dam: Quantara Jewels Moonglow

Ch. Yorkhouse Hell On Hunt

dob: 08.11.2005  Dam: Joyway's Just Lovely

Jo-Bar's Pandora in ParaDice
Jo-Bar's The Witching Hour
Ch. Jo-Bar's Queen of the Dammed HL
Jo-Bar's The Vampire Lestat

dob: 12.07.2005  Dam: Starward Tequila Sunset

Ch. Hampshire Dark N Stormy Sonset

dob: 12.05.2005  Dam: Quantara Jewels Moonglow

Ch. Yorkhouse Moonlight Dark Kiss

dob: 22.03.2005  Dam: Jahan Jaunty Julie

Ch. Tristar Int. Hanky Panky at Vicary PP

dob: 14.11.2004  Dam: Sanctuary Much Pop Ewok

RockyBays La Vampire Nue
RockyBays Daughter of Darkness
RockyBays Legacy Of Dracula
Ch. RockyBays Kiss of the Vampire
Ch. RockyBays Vampires Seduction

dob: 08.03.2004  Dam: Puffin Dandee Lion Of Jewels DOM

Puffin Black Leather Chaps
Ch. Puffin Black Belt
Ch. Puffin In The Black
Ch. Puffin Basic Black
Ch. Puffin Black Widow

dob: 25.08.2003  Dam: Puffin Pajama Game

Ch. Rycroft Puffin Knight Games PP
Rycroft Puffin Foolish Games PP

dob: 17.04.2003  Dam: Sunberry's Zippity Do Da

Ch. Barornot I Am At Skyehaven

dob: 14.03.2003  Dam: Puffin Dandee Lion Of Jewels DOM

Puffin Paint Splatters
Ch. Puffin Crayon Scribbles
Puffin Tassle Dancer
Puffin Licorice Stick
Puffin Mouseketeer

dob: 15.12.2002  Dam: Jahan Prissy Peekaboo At Jewels

Ch. Jewels N Jahan Hide N Seek

dob: 03.12.2002  Dam: Rompford Blowing In The Wind

Ch. Wind Gentle Breeze Of Rompford
Ch. Rompford U Can't Hide Beautiful
Rompford Mr Woo Of Inukchakka
Ch. Rompford Wild Is The Wind

dob: 25.01.2002  Dam: Rompford Blowing In The Wind

Ch. Rompford Munsters Revenge
Ch. Rompford Mistress Of The Dark
Ch. Rompford Prince Of Darkness
Ch. Wind Wicked Won Of Rompford

dob: 12.01.2002  Dam: Wind Fifth Avenue

Wind Tale Of The Kitty Hawk
Wind Skunkworks Top Secret
Ch. Wind Of The Night Hawk
Wind Black Hawk At Lee River

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