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Reg. no
: S28769/96
: 21.11.1992
: Blue
: Hairless
: 31.00cm (12.2")
Miss Marshant (Shawcrest, England)
Åsa & Tua Lagerstam (Proud Pony, Sweden)

  • ©Pauliina Mäkinen

  • ©Diane Pearce


BIS-4, CCC Kinesspecialen Österbybruk, 960525
BIR, cert, CACIB, SKK Visby, 960706
BIM, SKK Visby, 960707
CACIB, SKK Skellefteå, 960817
BIM, cert, FKK Mariehamn, 960922
BIR, cert, CACIB, NORDV-96, DKK Herning, 961103
Årets Kines-8, 1996

Offspring (52) (Descendents)

dob: 22.12.2000  Dam: Lionheart Kween Of Hearts

Untouchable's Balam-Acab
Untouchable's Bathseba
Untouchable's Baba-Yaga
Untouchable's Bharata

dob: 26.06.2000  Dam: Lionheart Kind Regards To Proud Pony

Proud Pony Metallica
Proud Pony My Beautiful Reward
Proud Pony Mermaid
Proud Pony Madame Mimmi
Proud Pony Marathon
Proud Pony May Flower

dob: 11.03.2000  Dam: Untouchable's Dream Come True

Proud Pony Living Proof
Ch. Proud Pony Local Hero

dob: 06.08.1999  Dam: Chefens Tessa

Ziglavys Peppermint Candy
Ziglavys Peppermint Rock

dob: 06.12.1998  Dam: Proud Pony Blond Baroness

Proud Pony Heavenly Creature
Proud Pony High Hopes
Proud Pony Heaven Can Wait

dob: 28.09.1998  Dam: Nakkeri Namihattara

Nakkeri Noitaneito
Nakkeri Bittinikkari
Nakkeri Brittipoppari
Ch. Nakkeri Nakupunkkari
Nakkeri Zipposytkäri
Nakkeri Hiphoppari
Nakkeri Namikatse

dob: 10.07.1998  Dam: Bedlam Diamante

Ch. Bedlam Honey Bee

dob: 08.07.1998  Dam: Bedlam Ebony

Ch. Crestwood Amazing Amazon

dob: 26.05.1998  Dam: Zucci High And Mighty

Proud Pony Dear Prudence
Proud Pony Desperado
Proud Pony Destroyer
Proud Pony Dynamite

dob: 27.09.1997  Dam: Tenderlove N'Care's Tamara

Tenderlove N'Care's Whale
Tenderlove N'Care's Wa Keeney
Tenderlove N'Care's Wombat

dob: 05.02.1997  Dam: Py's Run For Roses

Sun-Hee's Elora Danan
Sun-Hee's Embrace Me
Sun-Hee's Easter Magic

dob: 19.12.1996  Dam: Moonswift Goldie Horn

Tenderlove N'Care's Oh Jungleland

dob: 17.10.1996  Dam: Py's Clay Basket

Tenderlove N'Care's Let It Be
Tenderlove N'Care's Latin Lover
Tenderlove N'Care's Lovely Rita

dob: 11.07.1996  Dam: Physical Fascination Phortezza

Proud Pony Always On My Mind
Proud Pony Almost Unreal
Proud Pony Absolute Beginner
Proud Pony Arctic Lady
Proud Pony Amazing Grace

dob: 08.07.1996  Dam: Prefix Goldilocks

Tenderlove N'Care's Dotted Ponyboy
Tenderlove N'Care's Daughter Of Ali
Tenderlove N'Care's Dalai Lama

dob: 08.06.1995  Dam: Galaxie du Clos de l'Ancienne Ferme

Ch. Liang du Domaine de l'Hirondelle
Ch. Lollipop Du Domaine de L'Hirondelle

dob: 05.06.1994  Dam: Zucci Little Angel From Honebon

Honebon Hallilooya

dob: 10.01.1994  Dam: Shawcrest Jazzy Jane

Zucci Making Whoopy

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