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2001 - 2011
AMCH  INTCH  Shida The Golden Light

: 15.07.2001
: palomino
: Powderpuff
: 31.50cm (12.4") / 6.50kg (14.3#)
Jennifer Young (Shida, United States)
Annika Farstad (Sunstreaker, Norway)
  • Nearly 9 years!!
    ©Annika Farstad/Tommy Gildseth

  • April 2010
    ©Annika Farstad/Tommy Gildseth

  • ©Annika Farstad/Tommy Gildseth

  • June 2007
    ©Tommy Gildseth

  • ©Annika Farstad

  • Juni 2007
    ©Annika Farstad

  • September 2006
    ©Tommy Gildseth

  • ©KIT

Siblings (4)


Shida Tommy Terrific
Shida The Golden Light
Shida Diamonds And Gold
Shida A Shimmer Of Gold

Offspring (39) (Descendents)

dob: 14.05.2009  Dam: Xodix Azira of Braveheart

Xodix Bright Shiny Fascination
Xodix Bright Golden Inspiration
Xodix Bright Light Salvation
Xodix Bright Hot Sensation
Xodix Bright Black Temptation

dob: 22.01.2009  Dam: Phrostmade's Almost Indecent

Ch. Sunstreaker Dreamweaver
Sunstreaker Don't Dream Its Over
Sunstreaker Double Dragon
Sunstreaker Dose Me Up
Sunstreaker Date With Destiny
Sunstreaker Dearly Devoted Dexter
Sunstreaker Definitely Maybe

dob: 18.10.2008  Dam: Maldinis Magic Lady

Sunstreaker Copy N Paste
Sunstreaker Catchphrase
Sunstreaker Cast A Spell
Sunstreaker Crowdbreaker

dob: 22.06.2008  Dam: Puglight's Netti

Sarita's Lov Dog's Ala Pompel

dob: 16.08.2007  Dam: CoPlenty's Aplenty

Cipracrest's Billy Get Your Guns
Cipracrest's Bang A Drum
Cipracrest's Blame it on Sunstreaker

dob: 05.05.2007  Dam: Hibacka's Freja The Goddess

Belshaw's Spring In Paris

dob: 29.03.2007  Dam: Casa del Caboom's Arielle Charmgirl

Showcrest's Always James Dean
Showcrest's Amacing Marilyn Monroe

dob: 17.09.2006  Dam: A Shimmer Of Light N'co, Dom

Ch. Shida Gone With The Hair

dob: 14.05.2006  Dam: Shida Legacy Of Sunstar

Shida Ancient Chinese Secret
Shida Buster Brown
Tinkerbell the Pouting Princess

dob: 24.09.2005  Dam: Shida Legacy Of Sunstar

Ch. Shida All the Rage
Shida Golden Legacy

dob: 30.04.2003  Dam: Just Alluring N'Co

Shida Little Hottie
Shida Flashin Bling Bling
Shida Getting Hot In Here
Shida Muy Calliente
Ch. Shida Cayenne Pepper

dob: 01.01.2003  Dam: CH Jewels Holliwould Nites

Holliwould Nickelodien
Ch. CH Holliwould Bad Boy
Hooray For Holliwould
Holliwould Princess Grace
Ch. CH Frederick of Holliwould AOM

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