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EstW-04Silver Bluff Halston

: 13.02.2000
: White
: Powderpuff
Barbara Fischer (Silver Bluff, United States)
Merja Sorsa (Secret Line's, Finland)
  • ©Merja Sorsa

  • Tarto groupshow, Estonia july 2004

  • summer 2006
    ©Essi Suominen

Siblings (3)


Silver Bluff Calvin Klein
Silver Bluff Halston
Silver Bluff Dolce Gabbana

Offspring (57) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Silver Bluff Buster Brown

Deja Vu Blazing Star Of Tongho

dob: 27.05.2006  Dam: Kuutarhan Taikakukka

Kuutarhan Myrskypilvi
Kuutarhan Myrskyvaroitus
Kuutarhan Myrsky-yö
Kuutarhan Myrskynmerkki
Kuutarhan Myrskytuuli
Kuutarhan Myrskylintu
Kuutarhan Myrskylyhty

dob: 01.01.2006  Dam: Secret Line's Veni Vidi Vici

Goldenbay's Happy New Year

dob: 07.11.2005  Dam: Frasquita De GabriTho

Sippelins Here I Am
Sippelins I Can If I Will
Ch. Sippelins Golden de GabriTho
Sippelin's I Show You
Sippelins It's My Turn

dob: 07.09.2004  Dam: Secret Line's Angel Of Mercy

Secret Line's Las Vegas Boss
Secret Line's Las Vegas Lady
Secret Line's Las Vegas Lad
Secret Line's Las Vegas Jack

dob: 22.08.2004  Dam: Bonzer's A Little Miracle

Bonzer's Dragon Heart
Bonzer's Don't Forget Me

dob: 25.02.2004  Dam: Secret Line's Holy Cow

Secret Line's American Inca
Secret Line's Americaniroqui
Secret Line's American Eskimo
Secret Line's American Apache
Secret Line's American Indian

dob: 16.05.2003  Dam: Hebblas Cucubalus

Hebblas Little Bulky
Hebblas Little Linseed
Hebblas Little Bull
Hebblas Little Finger
Hebblas Little Man
Hebblas Little Soul
Hebblas Little Flame

dob: 21.02.2003  Dam: Hebblas Camelina

Ch. Camelina's Misterioso
Camelina's Magnifico
Ch. Camelina's Marquesa
Camelina's Marinero
Camelina's Muchacha
Camelina's Margarita
Camelina's Madreperla
Ch. Camelina's Mariquita

dob: 12.12.2002  Dam: Secret Line's Private Emotion

Ch. Secret Line's Kiss Me Honey
Secret Line's Key To My Heart

dob: 01.12.2002  Dam: Secret Line's Angel Of Mercy

Secret Line's American Beauty
Ch. Secret Line's American Gigolo
Secret Line's American Dream
Ch. Secret Line's American Pie

dob: 17.10.2002  Dam: Secret Line's X-mas Star

Royalgift Snowman Chico
Ch. Royalgift Queen Cleopatra
Ch. Royalgift Golden Samurai

dob: 20.09.2002  Dam: Oika Bull Morbido Zoccolo

Bonzer's Bumble Bee
Bonzer's Busy Bee
Bonzer's Black Or White
Bonzer's Be My Lover

dob: 26.11.2001  Dam: Silver Bluff Buster Brown

Deja Vu Scarlett O Bre A
Deja Vu Circus Parade HL

dob: 25.01.2001  Dam: Silver Bluff Fox In Sox

Deja Vu Dancing San San
Ch. Deja Vu Bare Kisses

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