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Sobahn Saladin

Reg. no
: KCD3394601
: 06.10.1978
: Mahogany & White
: Hairless
Caroline Jones (Sobahn, England)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (2)


Sobahn Saladin
Sobahn Saraband

Offspring (22) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Arrabella Fortune Cookee

Berryfield Bonny Girl

dob:   Dam: Pekevista Blue Pod

Lively Laurence's Love of Colboxhall

dob: 02.08.1989  Dam: Cownbred Cassi-San

Doraman Daisley
Doraman Ebony Eyes Bright
Maries Fluff
Doraman Maries Fluff
Harry Ensign
Doraman Daisey
Doraman Noddy Big Ears
Doraman Harry Ensign
Ebony Eyes Bright
Noddy Big Ears

dob: 08.06.1989  Dam: Arrabella Fortune Cookee

Stan Bitzie Bell
Holmland Crissie

dob: 12.08.1987  Dam: Terihund Make Mine Ming

Simplee' Sille Sammee
Blue Ballerina Of Terihund
Simplee' Sillee Sammee

dob: 31.05.1987  Dam: Snowball Nell

Yindee Pinktome

dob: 01.10.1985  Dam: Pekevista Shan Soo Mei

Snowball Nell

dob: 21.03.1984  Dam: Arrabella Fortune Cookee

Kingsley's White Knight of Colboxhl

dob: 20.03.1984  Dam: Pekevista Blue Plod

Cindy's Snowball Of Colboxhall

dob: 10.08.1983  Dam: Pekevista Blue Plod

Mollee Mee Of Pekevista

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