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AMCH  Sol-Orr's Unicorn Legend

: 18.08.1992
: Blue
: Hairless
Judy Council (Unicorn, United States)
Renee & Steve Orr (Sol-Orr's, United States)
Owner unknown.

  • ©Unknown

Siblings (13)


Unicorn's Sol-Orr Trip
Unicorn's Sol-Orr Sunset
Unicorn's Sol-Orr Flight
Unicorn's Sol-Orr Ride


Sol-Orr's Unicorn Illusion
Sol-Orr's Unicorn Legend
Sol-Orr's Unicorn Mythling
Sol-Orr's Unicorn Magic


Unicorn's Sol-Orr Star
Unicorn's Sol-Orr Energy
Unicorn's Sol-Orr System
Unicorn's Sol-Orr Comet
Unicorn's Sol-Orr Galaxy

Offspring (18) (Descendents)

dob: 28.10.1995  Dam: Fineline Luvan Bare Caprice

Luvan's Beatrix Potter

dob: 09.09.1994  Dam: Makara's Moon Over Miami

Ch. Pahlavi Tiramisu
Pahlavi French Tart
Pahlavi Chocolate Lace Zahir
Ch. Pahlavi Cinnamon Buns

dob: 06.09.1994  Dam: Sun-A-Ra's Gin-Su Of Bayshore

Bayshore's Grin N Bare It
Bayshore's Grin And Bare It

dob: 26.04.1994  Dam: Jet Star De Chann-Ell

Ch. Chaparral Star Trek
Ch. Chaparral Starlet
Chaparral Blaze Star
Ch. Chaparral Flaming Star
Ch. Chaparral Dark Star

dob: 26.01.1994  Dam: Sun-A-Ra's Gin-Su Of Bayshore

Ch. Bayshore's Leather And Lace

dob: 27.11.1993  Dam: Sun-A-Ra's Bright Sierra

Sol-Orr's Oliver With A Twist
Sol-Orr's Winning Colors

dob: 23.06.1993  Dam: Sol-Orr's Double Ur Pleasure

Ch. Sol-Orr's Splendid Legacy
Sol-Orr's SomethingOfalegend
Sol-Orr's Expecting Miracles

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