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1989 - 2002
DKCH  EECH  FINCH  INTCH(FCI)  FINW-93St.Erme Ringmaster

Reg. no
: SF17141/90
: 29.07.1989
: Golden & White
: Powderpuff
Mirrie St. Erme Cardew (St.Erme, England)
Pauliina Mäkinen (Bedlam, Finland)
Hannele Ståhl (Zhannel's, Finland)
  • ©zhannel´s

  • ©Marianne Salminen

  • ©zhannel´s

  • ©zhannel´s/P. Mäkinen


No 1 Crested 1993 in Finland

The first Finnish owned Crested who finished Int CH title

Siblings (4)


St.Erme Black Orchid
St.Erme Art Deco
St.Erme Dancing Mischief at Shumllea
St.Erme Ringmaster

Offspring (40) (Descendents)

dob: 31.01.2001  Dam: Bedlam Eleanor

Bedlam Ufo
Bedlam Upstart
Bedlam Unelma
Bedlam Uno
Bedlam Upsider
Bedlam Uptown Girl

dob: 14.12.2000  Dam: Scary Monster's Mormor Vädervax

Tiny Diamonds Dancing Darling
Tiny Diamonds Dancing Doll
Tiny Diamonds Daddy's Boy
Tiny Diamonds Duty Free
Tiny Diamonds Disco Dancer

dob: 15.07.1999  Dam: Cullen Desiree

Cullen Erno
Cullen Emilia
Cullen Emil
Cullen Evelyn

dob: 24.07.1997  Dam: Ligray Peppermint Patti

Zhannel's Secret Weapon
Zhannel's Secret Agent
Zhannel's Skywalker
Zhannel's Skipper

dob: 02.11.1994  Dam: Nakkeri Namihattara

Sunsing Pompadour
Sunsing Bellissima
Sunsing Fantasy
Sunsing Miranda
Sunsing Jimmy Dean
Sunsing Snowwhite

dob: 26.06.1994  Dam: Secret Line's Born To Be Free

Secret Line's Flash Gordon
Secret Line's Funny Boy
Secret Line's Forever Young
Secret Line's Flirting Lady

dob: 27.06.1991  Dam: St.Erme Delphinium

Ch. Bedlam Let Me Love
Bedlam Lucky Boy
Ch. Bedlam Let Me In
Ch. Bedlam Lou Lou
Bedlam Live It Up

dob: 28.10.1990  Dam: Blue Crest's Blackpanther

Blue Crest's Mint Melody
Blue Crest's Geisha
Blue Crest's Billy The Kid
Ch. Blue Crest's Plutonium Boy
Blue Crest's Wild Thing
Ch. Blue Crest's Walzing Matilda

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