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DKCH  EURCH  GEOCH  VDHCH  CERCH  DCH(Club)  INTCH  LUXCH  MACH  NLCH  SECH  LUX & D JCH, EUJW-01, WJW-01, VDH-Bundessieger, Amsterdam W-01, ClubW-01, VDH-European-Winner 2002Strippoker's Dragqueen
"Diva retiered"

Reg. no
: VDHCER2119/01
: 16.03.2000
: Black Wht Mkgs
: Powderpuff
Tony Groenendijk & Arie Dijkhuizen (Strippoker's, Netherlands)
Owner unknown.
  • ©Roberto

  • ©sascha schäfer


Reserve World Winner in Amsterdam 2002

Siblings (3)


Strippoker's Latin Lover
Strippoker's Putin'On The Ritz
Strippoker's Dragqueen

Offspring (22) (Descendents)

dob: 30.06.2007  Sire: Moonswift Cisco Kid

Taijan Dreamer Navigator
Taijan Dreamer Nullnullsieben
Taijan Dreamer Nepomuk
Taijan dreamer Nightmare

dob: 13.09.2006  Sire: Rialo Mandarin of Moonswift

Ch. Taijan Dreamer Midnight in Moscow
Taijan Dreamer Miss September
Taijan Dreamer My Choice

dob: 11.07.2005  Sire: The Natural N'Co

Taijan Dreamer Extraordinaire
Taijan Dreamer Einstein
Ch. Taijan Dreamer Emotion
Taijan Dreamer Exhorbitant
Taijan Dreamer Extravaganza
Ch. Taijan Dreamer Edelweiss
Taijan Dreamer Exhibitionist

dob: 22.02.2004  Sire: Razzmatazz Araby

Taijan Dreamer The Bacchus
Ch. Taijan Dreamer Tornado
Ch. Taijan Dreamer Tinkerbelle
Taijan Dreamer Tausendschön

dob: 03.05.2003  Sire: Aramis Von Shinbashi

Ch. Taijan Dreamer Showtime
Ch. Taijan Dreamer Sugarcake
Taijan Dreamer Soft Ice
Taijan Dreamer Sharleen

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