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Ch92Sun-A-Ra's Bucephalus D'Dasa

: 28.10.1991
: Black
: Hairless
Patricia Owens (Sun-A-Ra, United States)
Owner unknown.
  • ©unknown

Siblings (17)


Sun-a-ra's Silver Lining SOD
Sun-A-Ra's Morning Star
Sun-A-Ra's Gin-Su Of Bayshore
Dar-Walk See-Song
Sun-A-Ra's Puff At Mistyhill
Sun-A-Ra's Bright Sierra


Sun-A-Ra's Phoenix Of Khiva
Sun-A-Ra's Bucephalus D'Dasa
Sun-A-Ra's Rude Awakening
Sun-A-Ra's Blaze Starr


Sun-A-Ra's Indecent Exposure
Sun-A-Ra's Sin-Darella
Sun-A-Ra's Best Of Times
Sun-A-Ra's Rockin Robin


Sun-A-Ra's Personal Hope
Sun-A-Ra's Star Gazer

No birth date recorded

Sun-A-Ra's The Best Of Times

Offspring (11) (Descendents)

dob: 12.02.1994  Dam: Madam Wu's Snow Dragon

Snow Dragon Fox In Socks

dob: 02.09.1993  Dam: Cordovas Chyna Winsalot

Ch. Winsalot Maiden Chyna
Winsalot Sable D'Das
Ch. Winsalot Ausker D'Dasa

dob: 01.07.1993  Dam: Gipez's Yu Ya-Te

Dasa Darshire Reach Stars

dob: 01.06.1993  Dam: Darshire Passion

Darshire I Felix Posed
Darshire Actions Speak Louder
Ch. Darshire Punk With Panache

dob: 13.12.1992  Dam: Darshire Eternity D'Dasa

Dasa's Cappuccino
Dasa's Capn Crunch Of Rococo
Ch. Dasa's Christina

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