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AMCH  Sun-A-Ra's Special Edition

Reg. no
: TD415472 FDS
: 05.09.1990
: White
: Powderpuff
Patricia Owens (Sun-A-Ra, United States)
Owner unknown.
  • ©unknown

Siblings (2)


Sun-A-Ra's Special Edition
Sun-A-Ra's Limited Edition

Offspring (14) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Goodacre's Lucita

Goodacre's Jesse Jayne
Goodacre's Ragamuffin Tuj's T

dob: 13.07.1996  Dam: Goodacre's Lucita

Goodacre's Evita

dob: 19.10.1994  Dam: Jewels Naughty By Nature

Jewels The Great Pumpkin
Jewels Naughty But Nice

dob: 20.04.1993  Dam: Lothlorien Kuelan Of Can-Tu

Goodacre's Ramblin Rose

dob: 02.04.1993  Dam: Lothlorien Kuelan Of Can-Tu

Amy's Lori Of Sun-A-Ra

dob: 28.06.1992  Dam: Goodacre's Almond Joy

Goodacre's Cream Puff
Goodacre's White Christmas
Goodacre's CAndy Of Mae-Lin

dob: 25.06.1992  Dam: Goodacre's Lucita

Ch. Goodacres Xerox N'Co
Goodacre's Bounty Hunter
Goodacre's Jessie Jayne
Goodacre's Ragamuffin Tuj's

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