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1993 - 2002
AMCH  Taleeca Technology SOD

: 12.10.1993
: Black & White
: Hairless
Mrs. M. Catley (Taleeca, England)
Frank Baylis & Chris Oldt (Bayshore, United States)

  • ©unknown

Siblings (2)


Taleeca Tea At Tapscott's
Taleeca Technology SOD

Offspring (78) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Babylon's Nuit Unveiled

Babylon Black Wind Hecate

dob: 09.06.1999  Dam: Bayshore Sol-Orr Dreamsickle

Bayshore Pinch Me I'm Dreamn

dob: 11.03.1999  Dam: Bayshore Peaches 'N Cream

Karmabeck Sister Act II
Karmabeck Sister Act

dob: 28.02.1999  Dam: Sol-Orr's Ruby And Roses

Daisley Bayshore Copperhead
Daisley Hill Cruella De Vil
Ch. Daisley Hills Raven At Whispern Wnd

dob: 13.12.1998  Dam: Whispering Lane Uptown Girl

Bayshore's Harlequin Romance

dob: 24.08.1998  Dam: Sol-Orr's Long Stemmed Rose

Ryal Tuscany Rose
Ryal Canturbury Rose

dob: 19.06.1998  Dam: Whisper Ln' Devil MadeMe DoIt

Whispering Lane Jade
Whispering Lane Gem Stone
Ch. Whispering Lane Storm Warning
Whisperln' In Living Color
Whispering Ln' Sins Of Desire

dob: 17.01.1998  Dam: Sol-Orr's Mischief Maker

Captiva Heronhoe Licorice

dob: 06.12.1997  Dam: Bayshore's Grin And Bare It

Bayshore's Captiva Petunia

dob: 29.11.1997  Dam: Dickerson's Bad Blue Cordova

Ch. Surrey Hills Angel Wings
Cordovas Evening Shade

dob: 16.09.1997  Dam: Sol-Orr's Ruby And Roses

Daisley Hill's Cobweb
Daisley Hill's Peaseblossom
Ch. Daisley Hills Oberon At Whsprin Wnd
Ch. Daisley Hill Moth
Daisley Hill's Titania
Daisley Hill's Puck

dob: 29.08.1997  Dam: Sol-Orr's Unicorn Magic

Ch. Bayshore Crown Royal

dob: 14.07.1997  Dam: Moonswift Mimi

Ch. Bayshore's Signature
Ch. Bayshore Your's Truly
Bayshore Sincerely

dob: 01.07.1997  Dam: Mstic-Heart Intro To Bayshore

Bayshore's Silver Charm

dob: 24.06.1997  Dam: Taleeca Topsy Turvey

Bayshore Techno's Tiki

dob: 28.05.1997  Dam: Cadaran Picabo Of Jon Six

Trubo's Popeye
Trubo's Lil' Abner
Ch. Trubo's Yellow Kid

dob: 24.05.1997  Dam: Madam Wu's Snow Dragon

Snow Dragon Simon Sez

dob: 03.04.1997  Dam: Bayshore's Leather And Lace

Ch. Bayshore Felix The Kat

dob: 07.03.1997  Dam: Sol-Orr's Simply Irresistable

Nauset Technical Difficulty

dob: 01.02.1997  Dam: Mstic-Heart Secret Affair

Mstic-Heart My Ami
Mstic-Heart Black Buddha
Ch. Mstic-Heart Silver Bullet

dob: 24.12.1996  Dam: Cadaran Ru Pawl Of Jon Six

Trubo's Spark Plug
Ch. Trubo's Madame Lamousse

dob: 10.12.1996  Dam: Chargi's Jolene

Cadarans Ring Around The Rosie
Cadaran's Loganberry

dob: 07.12.1996  Dam: Moonswift Mimi

Bayshore's Mikiesha
Ch. Bayshore's Just Do It
Ch. Bayshore Technicolor

dob: 18.09.1996  Dam: Silver Bluff Xu Xua D'Honore

Elco's Black Onyx Of Bayshore
Elco's Precious Girl

dob: 13.09.1996  Dam: Bayshore's Leather And Lace

Ch. Bayshore Too Wong Foo

dob: 21.07.1996  Dam: Gemini Im Too Sexy Of Tobore

Geminis Tulsa Time V Jorivan

dob: 02.06.1996  Dam: Gemini N'Tobor Bayshor Bejing

Bayshore's One Of A Kind
Ch. Bayshore Star Gazer

dob: 29.04.1996  Dam: Babylon's Nuit Unveiled

Babylon's Black Wind Hecate
Babylon's Atlantis La-Posh
Babylon's Powderpuff Derby
Babylon Dream-Maker Of Mardon

dob: 07.04.1996  Dam: Chargi's Jolene

Cadarans Lotus Blossom
Ch. Cadaran North Star At Nakota
Ch. Chargi's Tin Lizzie
Cadaran Nort Star At Nakota
Cadaran's Charlie Brown
Ch. Cadaran 'N Chargi's Inkwell

dob: 30.03.1996  Dam: Sol-Orr's Unicorn Magic

Ch. Bayshore's Miss Clairol

dob: 17.03.1996  Dam: Cadaran Ru Pawl Of Jon Six

Ch. Trubo's Flash Gordon Cadaran
Ch. Trubo's Barney Google Cadaran

dob: 10.02.1996  Dam: Sol-Orr's Ez To Win Of Jann

Daisley Hill's Cosmic Dust

dob: 14.12.1995  Dam: O-Lan Gingery Grin N Bare It

Lamplighter's Double Exposure
Lamplighter's Wanna Be Bare

dob: 08.10.1995  Dam: Moonswift Mimi

Bayshore Itty Bitty
Ch. Bayshore's Lunar Effect
Ch. Bayshore She's Got Legs
Bayshore Smoke And Mirrors

dob: 04.10.1995  Dam: Sun-A-Ra's Gin-Su Of Bayshore

Ch. Bayshore's Peter Pan

dob: 02.08.1995  Dam: Taleeca Tina Turner

Bayshore's State Of The Art
Bayshore's Proud Mary

dob: 25.07.1995  Dam: Sol-Orr's Unicorn Magic

Ch. Bayshore Sol-Orr Hi-Tech SOD
Sol-Orr's Bayshore Finesse

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