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Tebroc's Thistle

: 09.10.1992
: Black White Mkgs
: Hairless
: 33.02cm (13")
Geltrude Corbett (Tebroc, Canada)
Gail McLeanen (Gail Dons, Canada)
  • ©Gail

  • Thistle left, Skeeter on Right

Siblings (9)


Tebroc's Pheobe Duk Therapy
Tebroc Frosty Jack
Tebroc's Willow
Tebroc's Sparkle Plenty


Tebroc Rafina Metallica
Tebroc Rafina Heartstrings
Tebroc's Thistle
Tebroc's Fabion

No birth date recorded

Tebroc's Fabian

Offspring (9) (Descendents)

dob: 16.10.1995  Dam: Gail-Dons Achy Breaky Heart

Gail Dons Truly Naked HL
Gail Dons Starlet Attraction
Gail Dons Sparkle Plenty
Gail Dons Nothing To Hide

dob: 07.06.1995  Dam: Gail Dons Fluff Puff

Siulong Gypsy Blue Bijou
Siulong Scooter
Siulong Fatal Attraction

dob: 23.05.1995  Dam: Gail Dons My Little Pony (At Rompford CC's)

Rompford Rumple Bare Skin
Rompford Amelia Barehart

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