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2001 - 2013
Tenderlove N'Care's Hubba Bubba
"Hubba Bubba"

Reg. no
: S25336/01
: 24.02.2001
: Mahogny
: Hairless
: 30.00cm (11.8") / 4.50kg (9.92#)
Victoria Eade (Tenderlove'N Care's, Sweden)
Lisa Johnsson (Lisar's, Sweden)

  • ©©Victoria Eade

  • Tenderlove'n Care's Hubba Bubba
    ©Victoria Eade

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Siblings (4)


Tenderlove N'Care's Hanoi Hanna
Tenderlove N'Care's Habibi
Tenderlove N'Care's Harakiri
Tenderlove N'Care's Hubba Bubba

Offspring (17) (Descendents)

dob: 11.02.2006  Sire: Scafar's Sir Lancelot

Lisar's Mezzo
Lisar's Intenzo
Lisar's Pasión
Lisar's Presso
Lisar's Palazzo
Lisar's Forza

dob: 26.01.2005  Sire: Lisar's Going To The Top

Lisar's Going To Be Fun
Lisar's Going North
Lisar's Going To Be Loved
Lisar's Going To Chineseblues
Lisar's Going To Stay

dob: 17.12.2003  Sire: Lionheart Kopyright

Tenderlove N'Care's Kif-Kif
Tenderlove N'care's Kous-Kous
Tenderlove N'care's Khaled-Rai
Tenderlove N'care's Khazeem-Ketkout
Tenderlove N'care's Khan-Khaleef

dob: 16.01.2003  Sire: Tenderlove N'Care's Ghettosuperstar

Tenderlove N'Care's Hothouse Flower

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