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CZCH  INTCH(FCI)  Teufelchen Kwiningham

Reg. no
: CsHPK 3/-91/91/02
: 1991-01-25
: Hairless
: 27.00cm (10.6")
E. Mally-Morandell (Teufelchen, Switzerland)
Owner unknown.
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Siblings (3)


Teufelchen Kwiningham


Teufelchen Piccolina
Teufelchen Precious-Silvergirl

Offspring (37) (Descendents)

dob: 1996-10-08  Dam: Alana

Harwey od Zlate Samanty
Heppy od Zlate Samanty

dob: 1996-04-23  Dam: Grace Van Jo Van

Betty ze Zimniku
Biuty ze Zimniku

dob: 1996-04-12  Dam: China z Vlozu

Anggina Bedino
Anne-Marry Bedino

dob: 1996-03-31  Dam: Happy Van Jo Van

Axia Black z Jelmaku
Artemis Black z Jelmaku
Assires Black z Jelmaku

dob: 1996-03-13  Dam: Arleta z Huyerova Dvora

Arli Pod Mendou

dob: 1995-09-01  Dam: Grace Van Jo Van

Andi ze Zimniku

dob: 1995-08-07  Dam: Teufelchen Illusion's Kismet

Carin z Huyerova Dvora
Carmen z Huyerova Dvora
Ch. Clark z Huyerova dvora
Cora z Huyerova Dvora

dob: 1995-06-07  Dam: Alana

Eny Happy od Zlate Samanty
Elisabetha od Zlate Samanty

dob: 1995-04-27  Dam: Adeline Vespa

Daiquiri Puf od Zlate Samanty
Denisa Puf od Zlate Samanty
Don Diego od Zlate Samanty

dob: 1994-12-22  Dam: Alana

Ch. Campanela Puf od Zlate Samanty
Comtes Conchita od Zlate Samanty

dob: 1994-09-24  Dam: Teufelchen Lovely-Schezabel

Bretvile Puff Od Zlate Samanty
Ch. Ben Forever Puff od Zlate Samanty

dob: 1994-07-14  Dam: Teufelchen Illusion's Kismet

Bacan z Huyerova Dvora
Busi z Huyerova Dvora
Bondo z Huyerova Dvora
Borni z Huyerova Dvora
Bona z Huyerova Dvora

dob: 1994-06-25  Dam: Acita Mesicni Jas

Amor Granatove Oko
Aranka Granatove Oko

dob: 1994-01-26  Dam: Adeline Vespa

Asne od Zlate Samanty
Angelinas od Zlate Samanty
Ch. Albert od Zlate Samanty

dob: 1993-01-12  Dam: Teufelchen Lovely-Schezabel

Boney Vespa
Blanch Vespa
Brian Vespa

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