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Toppless Ming

Reg. no
: S23451/88
: 18.02.1988
: Black White Mkgs
: Powderpuff
Birgitta Kjellin (Toppless, Sweden)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (19)


Toppless Ming
Toppless Mastodont
Toppless Mimmi
Toppless Mini
Toppless Miss Piggy
Toppless Muscot


Toppless Zorro
Toppless Minnie
Toppless Batman
Toppless Pinky
Toppless Chinaman


Toppless Matilda
Toppless Hokus-Pokus
Toppless Speedy Gonzales
Toppless Humbug
Toppless Julia
Toppless Minimal
Toppless Dolly Parton
Toppless Cosmoz

Offspring (16) (Descendents)

dob: 11.05.1992  Sire: Keshar's Black Powder Prince

Hot Pot's Devil
Hot Pot's Diva
Hot Pot's Dark Lady
Hot Pot's Dolly
Hot Pot's Dirty Harry
Hot Pot's Donald Duck
Hot Pot's Demon

dob: 30.09.1990  Sire: Yamany's Djingis Khan

Hot Pot's Another Star
Hot Pot's Alphaville
Hot Pot's After Eight
Hot Pot's All Time High

dob: 03.08.1989  Sire: Snubbakollens Gutte

Hot Pot's Pimms
Hot Pot's Armagnac
Hot Pot's Malibou
Hot Pot's Hennessy
Hot Pot's Guiness

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