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Wanna Talk About No. One N'Co.

Reg. no
: 10.11.2001
: Black White Mkgs
: Hairless
(N'Co, United States)
Tana Voznikova (ze Zatopene Chajdy, Czech Republic)
  • ©ze Zatopené chajdy

  • 8.8.2009
    ©ze Zatopené chajdy

  • ©ze Zatopené chajdy

  • ©ze Zatopene chajdy

  • 25.4.2008
    ©ze Zatopené chajdy

  • 25.4.2008
    ©ze Zatopené chajdy

  • ©ze Zatopené chajdy

  • ©ze Zatopené chajdy

  • ©ze Zatopené chajdy

  • ©Magic Carpet´s

  • ©Magic Carpet´s

Siblings (8)


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Wanna Talk About No. One N'Co.


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No birth date recorded

Town and County N'CO

Offspring (81) (Descendents)

dob: 18.08.2009  Dam: Janet z Jasne hvezdy

Villy z Jasne hvezdy
Viper z Jasne hvezdy
Vanessa z Jasne hvezdy
Vicky z Jasne hvezdy
Volt z Jasne hvezdy
Ch. Valentino z Jasne hvezdy
Valerius z Jasne hvezdy

dob: 17.05.2009  Dam: Leila z Jasne Hvezdy

Felay-Lí ze Shetlandu
Fajlin ze Shetlandu
Fju-Fju ze Shetlandu
Fey-Wing ze Shetlandu
Fe-Yank ze Shetlandu
Fun-Boy ze Shetlandu

dob: 12.05.2009  Dam: Hellenne Gavany's Bohemia

Rubby Raven Gavany's Bohemia
Royal Jewel Gavany's Bohemia
Royal Rose Gavany's Bohemia
Richey Aimont Gavany's Bohemia
Ray of Light Gavany's Bohemia

dob: 08.02.2009  Dam: Dulzaina Avokaduh

KASEY Certova stena
KAI Certova stena
KLENOT Certova stena
KING Certova stena
KOKY Certovas tena
KEEPERS Certova stena
KARLIE Certova stena

dob: 22.12.2008  Dam: Julia Jamile Avokaduh

Jupiter Certova stena
Jenar Certova stena
Jagg Certova stena
Joshua Certova stena
Jullietta Julia Certova stena
Jakie Certova stena

dob: 23.11.2008  Dam: Beautiful Grace Eve-Bler

Blå Mandag's Woman in Black
Blå Mandag's Woman in Red
Blå Mandag's Man in Red

dob: 20.10.2008  Dam: Dorlee Mo Miray Al Maarii Sapphire

Laidley An Thaya Al Maarii Sapphire
Lost My Marbles Al Maarii Sapphire
Larisse Le Bree Al Maarii Sapphire

dob: 11.08.2008  Dam: Lusy Modry kvet

Ch. Tanner Modry Kvet
Ch. Tina Modry Kvet
Tanner Modrý Kvet
Tobi Modry Kvet
Timmy Modry Kvet
Tara Modry Kvet

dob: 28.07.2008  Dam: V-ce Weteran 2012,2013 Pola Amitycja N4 X Bob

Hossa-vija Platini
Hossa-vija Platini

dob: 01.06.2008  Dam: Elischa Ze Zatopene Chajdy

Nicki ze Zatopene Chajdy
Nio ze Zatopene Chajdy
Nico ze Zatopene Chajdy
Noriko ze Zatopene Chajdy
Nathali ze Zatopene Chajdy

dob: 21.05.2008  Dam: Butterfly Black Dragon

C'Taishi ze Shetlandu
C'eishi ze Shetlandu

dob: 11.05.2008  Dam: Fata Morgana Slezský sen

Melody ze Zatopene Chajdy
Mia ze Zatopene Chajdy
Maia ze Zatopene Chajdy
Max ze Zatopene Chajdy

dob: 31.03.2008  Dam: Magic Carpet's Gladys Night

Lolita ze Zatopene Chajdy
Lissette ze Zatopene Chajdy

dob: 15.01.2004  Dam: Oriental Jokes Time Bomb

Magic Carpet's Eagle Eye Cherry
Magic Carpet's Estonia Queen
Magic Carpet's Emma Baby Girl
Magic Carpet's Eye Catcher
Magic Carpet's Event Horizon
Magic Carpet's Eternity Seduction
Magic Carpet's East Side Jam

dob: 01.09.2003  Dam: Tu'Yu A Beauty Of The Knight

Magic Carpet's Coco Chanel
Magic Carpet's Crazy Girl
Magic Carpet's Callahan
Magic Carpet's Casanova
Ch. Magic Carpet's Cassandra
Magic Carpet's Cleopatra

dob: 30.08.2003  Dam: Babylon Fata Morgana

Magic Carpet's Butterfly
Magic Carpet's Baby Doll
Magic Carpet's Barbarella
Magic Carpet's Bundy Al
Magic Carpet's Billy Bob
Magic Carpet's Baby Face

dob: 28.08.2003  Dam: Snow White von Shinbashi

Magic Carpet's Atlantis
Magic Carpet's Andromeda
Magic Carpet's Aladdin
Magic Carpet's Amazing Grace

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