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Woodlyn Khiva Cadbury O'Zucci

: 08.03.1996
: Chocolate
: Hairless
Lynne & Bill Dauber (Woodlyn, United States)
Barbara Hamilton & Valerie Hamilton (Khiva's, United States)

Siblings (4)


Woodlynd Moptop Kew Of Zucci
Woodlyn Khiva Cadbury O'Zucci
Woodlyn Ri-Leen Windsor
Woodlyn Trubo Stirling O'Zucci

Offspring (6) (Descendents)

dob: 11.11.1999  Sire: Zucci Highly Entertaining

Khiva's Anjuli
Khiva's Cinnabar
Khiva's Little Buddha
Khiva's Asian Spice
Khiva's I'm So Cute

dob: 01.01.1998  Sire: Zucci Highly Entertaining

Khiva's Year Of The Tiger

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