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1994 - 2007
CANCH  Zucci Definatly Special SOM

: 17.08.1994
: Blue
: Hairless
V.J. Moon (Zucci, England)
Peter &Vivianne Machen (Gipsy, Canada)

Siblings (9)


Zucci Perfect Definition
Zucci Definition Of Jazz
Zucci The Entertainer
Zucci Definatly Desirable
Zucci Definatly Special SOM
Zucci Distinctly Defined
Zucci Perfectly Defined


Zucci's Queen Of Sheba

No birth date recorded

Zucci's In The Pink

Offspring (19) (Descendents)

dob: 13.08.2003  Dam: Silkyence A Diamond Is Forever

Ch. Silkyence Ready Aim Fire

dob: 24.02.2003  Dam: Silkyence A Bit Of The Bubbly

Silkyence Call Me Divine

dob: 15.04.2002  Dam: Jubilee's That Girl

Wavecrest's Frodo Of Swifthaven
Ch. Wavecrest Galadriel Swifthaven

dob: 26.03.2001  Dam: Razzmatazz Purple Haze

Silkyence Cover Girl
Silkyence Centerfold

dob: 27.02.2001  Dam: Razzmatazz Spectacular

Silkyence It's All About Me
Silkyence The Naked Truth

dob: 10.12.1997  Dam: Triin's Thumbelina

Obiwan Twiddle My Thumbs
Obiwan Thumbzup

dob: 08.05.1997  Dam: Rainbow's Sweetie Pi Ina Sky

Babylon's Appassionata
Babylon Persephone

dob: 24.04.1997  Dam: Arrencrest Artangel

Gipsy Sweet Charlotte
Gipsy Margarita

dob: 24.07.1996  Dam: Zucci Highlights

Gipsy Solitaire

dob: 19.04.1996  Dam: Beltane Flutterbye

Wind Masquerade
Wind Phantom Of The Opera
Ch. Wind Devil Or Angel
Wind's Music In The Night

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