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Zucci Definition Of Jazz

: 17.08.1994
: Pink & Slate
: Hairless
V.J. Moon (Zucci, England)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (9)


Zucci Perfect Definition
Zucci Definition Of Jazz
Zucci The Entertainer
Zucci Definatly Desirable
Zucci Definatly Special SOM
Zucci Distinctly Defined
Zucci Perfectly Defined


Zucci's Queen Of Sheba

No birth date recorded

Zucci's In The Pink

Offspring (8) (Descendents)

dob: 02.09.1997  Dam: Sol-Orr's Expecting Miracles

Woodstaff's Scoot N Scooter

dob: 08.08.1995  Dam: Triin's China Roo

Ch. Triin's Talk Of The Town HL
Ch. Triin's Happy Talk PP
Ch. Triin's Look Whos Talking
Triin's Something To Talk About
Triin's Pillow Talk

dob: 19.07.1995  Dam: Woodlyn Moptop Picadilly

Ch. Woodstaff's Sugar Twin N'Co
Ch. Woodlyn Moptop Daisy Mae West

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