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1993 - 2005
Zucci High Definition

Reg. no
: KCT5463802
: 27.09.1993
: Mahogany
: Hairless
V.J. Moon (Zucci, England)
V.J. Moon (Zucci, England)

  • ©V.J. Moon

  • Crufts 2001
    ©Sanna Joutsela

Siblings (4)


Zucci High Definition
Zucci Fancifull Melodee
Zucci High Potential
Zucci Highest Accolade

Offspring (26) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Omegaville Storm Brewing

Treasured Precession From Zucci

dob:   Dam: Shawcrest Jazzy Jane

Zucci's In The Pink

dob:   Dam: Zucci Her Highness

Zucci Heavenly Highness at Tenwiz

dob:   Dam: Zucci Highly Enchanting

Zucci Highbrew

dob: 11.09.2004  Dam: Zucci Glamour Girl

Zucci Take A Bow
Zucci The X factor Is Vanitonia

dob: 04.04.2001  Dam: Zucci Her Highness

Ch. Zucci High Reputation

dob: 26.01.2001  Dam: Blandora Misty Melody Of Mazar

Mazar Double Brandy
Mazar Tot Of Brandy

dob: 19.03.1999  Dam: Zucci Highly Honoured By Glenmhor

Shipstone Over The Rainbow
Shipstone Over The Hill
Shipstone Over The Moon

dob: 16.10.1998  Dam: Shawcrest Jazzy Jane

Ch. Zucci's Queen Of Sheba

dob: 16.12.1994  Dam: Kojak Karmen Of Zucci

Zucci The Professor

dob: 16.11.1994  Dam: Kojak Karmen Of Zucci

Zucci Standing Ovation

dob: 30.09.1994  Dam: Zucci High Expectations

Zucci Highly Fancied
Zucci Highly Fantasia
Zucci High Sensation

dob: 26.08.1994  Dam: Zucci White Diamond

Ch. Zucci Dazzeling Diamond

dob: 17.08.1994  Dam: Shawcrest Jazzy Jane

Zucci The Entertainer
Zucci Definition Of Jazz
Zucci Perfect Definition
Zucci Perfectly Defined
Ch. Zucci Definatly Desirable
Ch. Zucci Definatly Special SOM
Ch. Zucci Distinctly Defined

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