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AMCH  SOMZucci High Entertainment

: 04.02.1997
: Pink & Slate
: Hairless
V.J. Moon (Zucci, England)
Janice Chafin-Bell (Silkyence, United States)

Siblings (4)


Zucci Glamour Girl
Zucci High Entertainment
Zucci High Horizon
Zucci Highly Bedazzled

Offspring (21) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Maralou Wishing On A Star For Zucci

Ch. Silkyence You Are My Heart

dob: 24.11.2006  Dam: Horizons Bare It All Leela

Ch. GCHSilver CH Crestline Butters Scotch CA
Ch. Crestlline Little Bear Noni
Ch. Crestline My Token Boy
Ch. Crestline Mr. Hankey

dob: 03.11.2005  Dam: Silkyence A Bit Of The Bubbly

Ch. Silkyence Dancing In The Dark

dob: 15.09.2005  Dam: Wavecrest Galadriel Swifthaven

Wavecrest Red Carpet Affair

dob: 10.10.2004  Dam: Silkyence A Bit Of The Bubbly

Ch. Silkyence Just Dandy
Ch. Silkyence Just Delightful

dob: 09.09.2003  Dam: Maralou Wishing On A Star For Zucci

Silkyence Heart Song

dob: 02.11.2002  Dam: Silkyence For Your Ayes Only

Silkyence Promises Promises

dob: 06.11.2000  Dam: Razzmatazz Right As Rain

Silkyence The Full Monty

dob: 13.06.2000  Dam: Rey's Silkyence One Of A Kind

Silkyence Indecent Exposure
Showtime Lotsa Dots

dob: 08.03.2000  Dam: Shamar Acres' Pockhanontas

Silkyence Diamond In The Buff
Showtime's Entertainment

dob: 25.12.1999  Dam: Razzmatazz Purple Haze

Silkyence Undressed For Success
Silkyence No Dress Code
Silkyence Take It All Off
Ch. Silkyence Bandito In The Buff

dob: 29.01.1999  Dam: Silkyence Seeing Is Believing

Ch. Silkyence Blame It On Rio

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