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1992 - 2000
Zucci High Jinks

Reg. no
: KCS20573305
: 04.03.1992
: Black
: Powderpuff
V.J. Moon (Zucci, England)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (6)


Zucci Highlights
Zucci High Spirit
Zucci High Hopes
Zucci High Society
Zucci Highlights
Zucci High Jinks

Offspring (19) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Jokima Just Charismatic for Neerodan

chrisanddawn carbon copy
Chrisanddawn Carbon Copy
crisanddawn carbon copy

dob: 04.08.1999  Dam: Blandora What A Cracker

Angelcrest Black Night

dob: 23.07.1998  Dam: Blandora Belle Of The Ball

Blandora Witchcraft By Surannon
Blandora Blue Phoenix Of Habiba

dob: 01.03.1997  Dam: Moonswift Miss Baloo

Ch. Moonswift Aztec Emperor
Moonswift Movie Queen

dob: 03.01.1996  Dam: Blandora What A Cracker

What A Cracking Rose At Blandora

dob: 17.11.1995  Dam: Alltot Pamela

Triptot Tempting Fate

dob: 10.08.1995  Dam: Saltillo Enchanted Dream

Blandora Mixed Blessing

dob: 02.06.1995  Dam: Blandora Blue Velvet

Blandora Bewitched By Surannon
Ch. Blandora Brainwave

dob: 23.02.1995  Dam: Talvina Miss Peases

Blandora Born To Be Wild
Blandora Buccaneer

dob: 27.09.1993  Dam: Blandora High Fidelity

Zucci Fancifull Melodee
Ch. Zucci Highest Accolade
Zucci High Definition
Zucci High Potential

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