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AUSTCH  Kilfenora Manowar

: Black & White
: Hairless
Aniko Brunning (Kilfenora, Australia)
Vicki Bridle (Mohawk, Australia)
  • ©Mohawk

  • ©Mohawk

  • ©Mohawk

  • ©Mohawk

  • ©Mohawk

  • ©Mohawk

Siblings (2)


Kilfenora Empire Rose

No birth date recorded

Kilfenora Manowar

Offspring (32) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Mohawk Hairz N Gracez

Auskrest Evening Gown

dob: 18.08.2008  Dam: Blackheath On A Promise

Ch. Mohawk Promise Of Gold
Ch. Mohawk Thunderstruck
Mohawk Thunder Road
Mohawk Sweet About Me

dob: 02.06.2008  Dam: Mohawk Boheminian Rapsody

Ch. Mohawk Accidental Hero
Mohawk Dark Dreamn Dexta

dob: 20.11.2006  Dam: Mohawk Hooz That Girl

Ch. Mohawk Rogue Trader

dob: 30.07.2005  Dam: Hibay Mapleson

Hibay Pandora
Hibay Bounty

dob: 08.03.2004  Dam: Mohawk Save The Last Dance

Mohawk Welcome To Unitemare
Mohawk Just Wild Bout Hairy
Mohawk Pony Power

dob: 29.09.2003  Dam: Chinacrest After Dark

Mohawk Hair I Go Again
Mohawk Hairmonius
Mohawk Hairlucination
Mohawk Up In The Hair
Ch. Mohawk Hair Jordan
Ch. Mohawk Rolled In Gold

dob: 10.07.2003  Dam: Mohawk Eyes On The Prize

Mohawk How Amazement
Ch. Mohawk Fatal Attraction

dob: 05.01.2003  Dam: Mohawk Special Effects

Mohawk Autographs Later

dob: 29.12.2002  Dam: Mohawk Bliss Bomb

Ch. Mohawk Kissed By An Angel
Mohawk East Coast Girl
Mohawk Bluboy At Bass
Mohawk Secret Scandal
Mohawk Mouse In The House
Ch. Mohawk Past Master

dob: 08.04.2002  Dam: Chadoo Fancy A Bit

Mohawk Miss Maxalot
Mohawk Gumnut Baby
Mohawk Sir Lovealot
Mohawk Silver Sequins

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