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2002 - 2008
Zucci Highly Dashing

Reg. no
: AC01954403
: 27.02.2002
: Black/White
: Hairless
V.J. Moon (Zucci, England)
V.J. Moon (Zucci, England)

Siblings (4)


Zucci Highly Dashing
Zucci Smitten Kitten With Angelwings
Zucci Highly Dramatic


Zucci Tv Star Of Camoto

Offspring (24) (Descendents)

dob: 12.12.2005  Dam: Vanitonia Only Annie Lusion

Ch. Vanitonia Tickled Pink
Vanitonia Am I Bothered
Vanitonia Bare Faced Lie

dob: 17.08.2005  Dam: Zucci's In The Pink

Zucci Miss Zarah
Zucci Dark And Dashing
Ch. Zucci It's Chico's Time
Zucci Lord Of The Rings
Ch. Zucci Miss Sari

dob: 01.03.2005  Dam: Zucci High On Style

Mazar Fairy Footsteps
Zucci Mazar Romantic Romeo
Mazar Fairy Secrets
Zucci Mazar Royal Romance

dob: 11.06.2004  Dam: Zucci Definatly A Dream

Zucci High Virtue
Zucci In Vouge with Vanitonia

dob: 10.05.2004  Dam: Lemiz Fantine Jw

Lemiz Ebony And Ivory
Lemiz Born To Be Amanda

dob: 07.05.2004  Dam: Zucci High Celebrity

Tenwiz Total temptation

dob: 09.02.2004  Dam: Zucci's In The Pink

Ch. Zucci Too Hot To Handle To Vanitonia

dob: 01.11.2003  Dam: Martini Royal for Zucci

Zucci Royal Prince
Zucci Princess Royal
Zucci Flashy Lady
Zucci Flashy Lady

dob: 09.09.2003  Dam: Omegaville Storm Brewing

Kiraf Coco Toffee Crisp

dob: 20.09.2002  Dam: Omegaville Storm Brewing

Princess Of Darkness At Lemiz

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