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1998 - 2009
SKVCH  Jokima Jean Louis of Croftdane

: 05.01.1998
: Blue spotted
: Hairless
Nikki Strawbridge (Jokima, England)
Tana Voznikova (ze Zatopene Chajdy, Czech Republic)
  • CAC Kosice
    excellent 1
    ©ze Zatopené chajdy

  • CAC Brno
    excellent 1, Best Veteran, res. BOD Veteran

  • CACIB Bratislava
    excellent 1, BIS Veteran

  • ©Pazzda

  • ©Pazzda

  • ©Pazzda

  • ©Pazzda

  • ©L.

  • ©

  • ©ze Zatopené chajdy

  • ©ze Zatopené chajdy

  • ze Zatopené chajdy

  • ze Zatopené chajdy

  • ze Zatopené chajdy

Offspring (36) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Shipstone Over The Hill

Shipstone Maud's Maverick

dob: 05.11.2007  Dam: Blondie Avokaduh

Lady Pariser Charme Avokaduh
Louis Jean of Avokaduh
Laminnger Gery Avokaduh

dob: 12.10.2007  Dam: Jokime Modry Kvet

Harlequin of Jokima Al Maarii Sapphire
Happy Go Lucky Al Maarii Sapphire
Honey or Poison Al Maarii Sapphire

dob: 04.07.2007  Dam: Magic Carpet's Gladys Night

Ch. Cherie ze Zatopene Chajdy

dob: 09.04.2007  Dam: Metaxa Sua Sponte

Ch. Tahitian Shake Sua Sponte
Tequila Sunrise Sua Sponte
Ch. Tokay Mojito Sua Sponte
Ch. Tonic Daiquiri Sua Sponte

dob: 24.12.2006  Dam: Bonie Ze Zatopené Chajdy

Haico ze Zatopené chajdy
Ch. Hanika ze Zatopené chajdy
Hazelnut ze Zatopené chajdy
Ch. Haffy ze Zatopené chajdy
Hannah ze Zatopené chajdy

dob: 13.02.2006  Dam: Orchidey Orca od Chlpiku

Ch. Laureola's Here I am
Laureola's Hyper Cute Pinky Twinky
Laureola's Hope of the Future
Laureola's Halle Berry
Laureola's Hokus Pokus
Ch. Laureola's Harry Potter

dob: 14.08.2005  Dam: Snow White von Shinbashi

Laureola's Found the Answer
Ch. Laureola's Final Countdown
Laureola's For your Eyes Only
Laureola's First Nocturnal Fantom

dob: 10.08.2005  Dam: Magic Carpet's Estonia Queen

Kukur Baba's Aerobic Star
Kukur Baba's Atomic Twister
Kukur Baba's Amazing Hero
Kukur Baba's Ace of Hearts
Kukur Baba's Amicelli Harlequin
Kukur Baba's Always Handsome
Kukur Baba's Austrian China Girl

dob: 30.06.2001  Dam: Shumllea Tinkerbelle

Shumllea Spit N Polish
Shumllea Slap N' Tickle At Bradwen JW

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