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2003 - 2010

: 21.02.2003
: tricolour
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5")
Jaana Johanson (Camelina's, Finland)
Ingeborg Österlund, Finland
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    Best In Show (all breed show)

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Siblings (8)


Camelina's Muchacha
Camelina's Madreperla
Camelina's Magnifico
Camelina's Marquesa
Camelina's Misterioso
Camelina's Margarita
Camelina's Marinero
Camelina's Mariquita

Offspring (45) (Descendents)

dob: 11.02.2009  Dam: Groli's Beautiful Alwa

Fluffysteps A Strong Need For Speed
Fluffysteps Amazingly Loud'N Proud
Fluffysteps Aces Poker Joker
Fluffysteps Another Dance To Trance
Ch. Fluffysteps Aiming High In The Sky
Fluffysteps Addicted To Pardy Hardy

dob: 30.05.2007  Dam: Galathea de GabriTho

Candy Queen's Van Helsing
Ch. Candy Queen's Victorious Noir
Candy Queen's Viola Violet
Candy Queen's Viva La Bam

dob: 04.02.2007  Dam: Secret Line's Hot China Lady

Candy Queen's Perfect Pearl
Candy Queen's Perfect Picture

dob: 30.11.2006  Dam: Zhannel's Hot N Sexy

Zhannel's Stop'N Sexy
Zhannel's Sexbom
Zhannel's Sex Machine
Zhannel's Sex Pistol
Ch. Zhannel's Sexational (IMP FIN)
Zhannel's One Sexy Bitch

dob: 15.09.2006  Dam: Zholesk Ingrid

Magic'N Mystic Frog Prince
Magic'N Mystic To Fast For You
Magic'N Mystic Fully Foolproof
Magic'N Mystic Forbidden Fruit
Magic'N Mystic Heavy Metal

dob: 06.05.2006  Dam: Galathea de GabriTho

Secret Line's Secret Sender
Secret Line's Secret Service
Secret Line's Secret Sentry
Secret Line's Secret Sergeant

dob: 19.11.2005  Dam: Sasquehanna Finezja Zikkurat

Candy Queen's Golddigger
Candy Queen's Glam Rocker

dob: 18.01.2005  Dam: Doris Day de GabriTho

Candy Queen's Shades of Shafali
Candy Queen's Skindiana Jones
Candy Queen's Somebody Loves Me
Candy Queen's Sexy Suzy

dob: 08.12.2004  Dam: Secret Line's Chat With Me

Secret Line's Van Helsing
Secret Line's Vanilla Sky
Secret Line's Van Bethowen
Secret Line's Van Damme
Secret Line's Van Gogh

dob: 18.11.2004  Dam: Hebblas Ace Of Enchant

Hebblas Velour Vivian
Hebblas Verdigris Viggo
Ch. Hebblas Velvet Verona
Hebblas Verder Vesuvius
Hebblas Vernouth Virgo

dob: 26.07.2004  Dam: Sippelins I Do It My Way

Candy Queen's Walk On Top
Ch. Candy Queen's Way To Go Girl

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