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2002 - 2016
Doucai's Heir Apparent

: 06.08.2002
: palomino
: Hairless
Alexandra Cole (Doucai, England)
Alexandra Cole (Doucai, England)

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Pll clear. Glaucoma and PRA clear.

Siblings (3)


Doucai Lucious Lady
Doucai's Lady Love Orchid
Doucai's Heir Apparent

Offspring (70) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Alltot Snow White

Doucai Royal Red Rimmer

dob: 07.10.2015  Dam: Doucai's Did She Do It

Doucai's Double Take at Myglee

dob: 02.10.2015  Dam: Doucai's Did She Do It

doucai's No Minced Tart
Doucai Don't Dunk The Donnut
Doucai's Vision Of Love

dob: 18.05.2011  Dam: Candy of Brisingr

Brisingr May Fire
Brisingr May Breeze
Brisingr Maybell

dob: 21.04.2010  Dam: Zerachiel Tango in the Night

Kojiki's No Jokes
Kojiki's Whatever Trevor From Doucai

dob: 24.01.2010  Dam: Doucai's Truely Sensualle

Doucai's Wild At Heart With Neichelles
Doucai The Duke Strykes
Doucai's Pure Klass

dob: 04.09.2009  Dam: doucai's sweet darling

Doucai's Heir To Be
Doucai's Northern Princess

dob: 31.08.2009  Dam: Fly By Night Fantasy Girl At Doucai

Doucai's Strutting It Well
Ch. Doucai's Tasteful Tart at Myglee
Doucai's Bringing It On

dob: 17.04.2009  Dam: Bridgetnaces fabulous Of Esquimaux

Ch. Esquimaux Flashing Lights

dob: 28.03.2008  Dam: Doucai Lilo Lil

Doucai Pop My Cork Kaikodol
Doucai oh wonderous Willie
Doucai's Ginger Beer of Cazianik
Doucai's Sweetest Thing

dob: 21.03.2008  Dam: Storm From a Late Rose

Tchangtchien' Inca Princess
Tchangtchien f

dob: 17.03.2008  Dam: Juddona Dreams and Desires

Tchangtchien d
Tchangtchien c
Tchangtchien b
Tchangtchien a

dob: 06.03.2008  Dam: Bridgetnaces fabulous Of Esquimaux

Esquimaux Go With The Flow
Esquimaux Define Ambiance for Kelsion
Esquimaux Surprise Package
Esquimaux Moulin Rouge

dob: 21.11.2007  Dam: Annamac Zuki Of Doucai

Doucai's TrueCrested
Doucai's TrueCrested
Doucai's Carrot Cruncher

dob: 20.11.2007  Dam: Annamac Zuki Of Doucai

Doucai Faith in the Future

dob: 25.07.2007  Dam: Doucai Lilo Lil

Doucai Cocoa and Cream
Doucai's Pure Extasy
Doucai's Star Who Shines at Cazianik
Doucai's Kinky Kate
Doucai's Midnight Phantom
Doucai's Star who Shines
Doucai's Pure Extasy at Cazianik
Doucai Thrash The Trash

dob: 20.05.2007  Dam: Doucai Madam Whiplash

Doucai's Raunchy Romeo
Doucai Sasha Distilled

dob: 22.08.2006  Dam: Doucai Erotica

Doucai's Viva La Diva
Doucai 's Heir Supurb
Doucai's Hot Or Wot
Doucai Simply Mesmorising

dob: 22.08.2006  Dam: Doucai Madam The Minx

Doucai's Truely Wonderful

dob: 31.01.2006  Dam: Doucai Madam The Minx

Doucai Luscious Lady
Doucai The Toy Boy
Doucai Irisistable Willy
Doucai Love Or Lust

dob: 02.01.2006  Dam: Alltot Snow White

Doucai Puss In Boots
Doucai Tease Delight
Doucai Broc Throb
Doucai Mr Kissy Cole
Doucai The Royal Red Rimmer
Doucai Tallulah Naked Lady

dob: 13.10.2005  Dam: Blandora Blushing Bride of Doucai

Doucai Rampant Romeo
Doucai Cindy Hotlips at Prajna
Doucai Hairy Harlot of Schezade

dob: 08.06.2005  Dam: BridgetNAces Destiny

Doucai Juicy Lucy

dob: 05.03.2005  Dam: Blandora Blushing Bride of Doucai

Doucai Chocolate Au Latte

dob: 06.11.2004  Dam: Doucai's Hot Passion

Crynllis Divine Diva

dob: 20.08.2004  Dam: Blandora Best Beloved

Doucai Pure Pleasure at Prajna

dob: 28.08.2003  Dam: Doucai Mamma Mia

Doucai's Happy Hooker

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