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2004 - 2016
FINCH  LVCH  RUSCH  Dragon Moon Make Me See Stars

: 16.10.2004
: Hairless
Sanna Joutsela (Dragon Moon, Finland)
Teija Ukkola (Windy Forest's, Finland)
Noora Ukkola
  • 2013

  • 23.5.2014

  • ©WF

  • ©WF

  • at Piteå 17.5.-09
    ©Merja Hyrkäs

  • Tornio Int
    ©Tanja Ahola

  • Sawo show -08
    ©Tanja Ahola

  • Ylivieska Int
    ©Tanja Ahola

  • ©Noora

  • ©Noora

  • ©Noora

  • ©Noora

  • ©Noora

  • ©Jonna Kangasoja

  • Joensuu Group 2

  • ©Noora


2xBOB,4xBOS,4xBOB-veteran,1xGroup2,2x BIS3 veteran,4xCacib,4xFin CAC,4xFin Res-CAC

Siblings (8)


Dragon Moon Man About Town
Dragon Moon Mark Of Magic
Dragon Moon Me Myself And I
Dragon Moon Midnight Madness
Dragon Moon Mysterious Times
Dragon Moon Moonwalker
Dragon Moon Make Me See Stars

Offspring (13) (Descendents)

dob: 10.09.2011  Sire: Twice as Nice Long Stick Goes Boom

Windy Forest's African Star of Starrstalactite
Windy Forest's Wannabe Rockstar
Windy Forest's My Own Star
Windy Forest's Starboomer
Windy Forest's Starcatcher
Windy Forest's Star Effect
Windy Forest's Starry Night

dob: 16.02.2008  Sire: Beddi's Back Packer

Windy Forest's Aquiles
Windy Forest's Orestes
Windy Forest's Pandora
Windy Forest's Chiquinquira
Windy Forest's Beatriz
Ch. Windy Forest's Valentina

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