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GBCH  Glebeheath The Gentleman JW

Reg. no
: KCSB0289CH
: 03.05.1996
: Apricot & White
: Powderpuff
Julie Guvercin (Glebeheath, England)
Owner unknown.
  • ©unknown

Siblings (10)


Glebeheath The Jester
Glebeheath The Sultan
Glebeheath The Gangster


Glebeheath The Enchantress
Glebeheath The Gentleman JW
Glebeheath The Gladiator At Alltot

No birth date recorded

Glebeheath The Phantom
Glebeheath The Riddler
Glebeheath The Jewel
Glebeheath The Spartan

Offspring (37) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Blandora Debutante

Glebeheath The Nobleman

dob: 27.01.2009  Dam: Angelcrest Miss Lacey

Esdelord Jamies Last Stand (ak3)

dob: 30.03.2004  Dam: Jhanchi Razzle Dazzle

Jhanchi's Amazing Grace R.C.C Crufts 2007
Jhanchi Lets Get Fizzical
Jhanchi Dazzle The Crowd
Jhanchi Jazzing It Up
Jhanchi Bucks Fizz

dob: 03.08.2003  Dam: Alltot Sherri Lynette

Glebeheath the Marvel at Philandiane

dob: 12.03.2003  Dam: Blandora Mia

Glebeheath The Midas Touch
Glebeheath The Queen Bee At Jhanchi

dob: 30.05.2000  Dam: Blandora I'm Trouble

Blandora Dream Boy
Blandora Strike Up The Band
Blandora Naughty But Nice
Blandora Nobodys Business At Vanitonia

dob: 21.05.2000  Dam: Mincrest Simply Special

Mincrest Sweet Melody
Mincrest Simply Gorgeous

dob: 05.05.2000  Dam: Blandora Light My Fire Glebeheath

Glebeheath The Gaffer
Ch. Glebeheath The Guvnor
Glebeheath The Guvness

dob: 03.08.1999  Dam: Alltot Sherri Lynette

Glebeheath The Mannequinn
Glebeheath The Minstrel
Glebeheath The Marveil At Philandiane
Glebeheath The Moment At Fewaun

dob: 23.07.1999  Dam: Blandora You Bet

Glebeheath the Stripper
Glebeheath The Striking
Glebeheath The Stripteaser
Glebeheath The Streaker For Angelcrest

dob: 20.02.1999  Dam: Blandora Debutante

Glebeheath The Ice Maiden

dob: 01.02.1999  Dam: Alltot Sherri Lynette

Ch. Glebeheath The Entertainer
Glebeheath The Elegant
Glebeheath The Exquisite

dob: 28.03.1998  Dam: Cheeswood Meaka

Cheeswood Personality Plus

dob: 06.12.1997  Dam: Blandora Debutante

Glebeheath The Triumphant

dob: 20.09.1997  Dam: Blandora Aint Misbehavin

Blandora Faberge

dob: 24.05.1997  Dam: Fawncrest Shadows Of Lace

Fawncrest Chaos At Lemiz
Fawncrest The Gentle Son
Fawncrest Shadow

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