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DKCH  INTCH(FCI)  PLCH  Pzsg86 Bytosg Bdsg87 Li

Reg. no
: 03409/85
: 21.12.1984
: maghoni
: Hairless
Hanne Christiansen
Owner unknown.
  • ©unknown

Offspring (9) (Descendents)

dob: 17.03.1992  Sire: Keshar's Black Norwegian Design

Caprioso Nølle Jen Su

dob: 30.06.1991  Sire: Caprioso Wu Chen

Caprioso Gwong Fei

dob: 20.10.1990  Sire: Caprioso Wu Chen

Ch. Caprioso Mitzy Fei
Caprioso Wong Li Fei
Caprioso See Mee Fei
Caprioso Ming Li Fei
Caprioso Inza Fei

dob: 11.03.1990  Sire: China-crest's Soo-pi-ling-li

Caprioso Dai-Ki-Haku

dob: 01.01.1900  Sire: Caprioso Tai Chi Chvan

Caprioso Yue-Sai-Kan

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