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BLRCH  RUSCH  UKRCH  RusClub,R.EurCH,JWWSpecial Agent von Shinbashi

: 19.09.2001
: sable
: Hairless
Annerose Demski (von Shinbashi, Germany)
Owner unknown.

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  • ©Alexandra Shashkova

Siblings (7)


Dolce Vita von Shinbashi
Dangerous Guy von Shinbashi


Lady von Shinbashi
Indian Spirit von Shinbashi
Imagination Dream Von Shinbashi


Snow White von Shinbashi
Special Agent von Shinbashi

Offspring (19) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Taodao Alisa

Taodao Brillians Best
Taodao Beaty Line

dob: 26.06.2008  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Ovina

Ch. Fantastik Kashmir Special Spacey
Fantastic Kashmir Silver Samon

dob: 01.03.2008  Dam: Naomi

Naleks Art Amur
Naleks Art Atlantida
Ch. Naleks Art Antalia
Naleks Art Afina
Naleks Art Alarm

dob: 10.01.2005  Dam: Kiss Me

Olivina v sibashi

dob: 24.12.2004  Dam: Naomi

Ch. Agent Aleks

dob: 08.06.2004  Dam: Oliviana von Shinbashi

Ch. Fantastik Kashmir Tiffany
Ch. Fantastik Kashmir Tootsie

dob: 28.05.2004  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Goldi Star

Ch. Pensi

dob: 04.05.2004  Dam: Midnight Music Brillante De Barbie

Ch. Welldan Veneciya
Welldan Vaikiki Lady
Ch. Welldan Vanilla

dob: 24.08.2003  Dam: Vellar Pljus Princessa Nuri

Ch. Rus Lorens Afrodita

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